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15 of the Best New Products of 2016 for Baby and Mom

15 of the Best New Products of 2016 for Baby and Mom

With so many baby products on the market, trying to decide what to buy or put on your registry can be an overwhelming task. Even if you know what you want, there can be multiple brands to choose from. There are also things you don’t even know you need or want! Thankfully, the work has been done for you. Read on to find the best new baby and mom products of 2016.

15 Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

The first thing you need before your baby arrives is a diaper bag to take to the hospital. Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags combine function and fashion for an accessory that will make you feel both practical and proud to wear. They are made from polyester with a nylon lining and can be used as standard diaper bags, backpacks, or messenger bags.

Starting at $165 USD ($212 CAD), this bag may seem on the high end. However, you want one that will last through the years and meet the unique challenges that come with each stage of babyhood—all without sacrificing your personal style. You can find them online or at select baby stores, searchable on the website.

14 KidCo Safety Gate

Babies become mobile before you know it, so it’s important to prepare your house in advance with safety gear from KidCo. Their sturdy pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted gates, from $52.99 USD ($68 CAD) and up, are versatile to fit any space. The gates are made from heavy-duty steel, with a couple options available in furniture-grade hardwood.

KidCo also provides extensions and aids for installation in oddly shaped areas. Some gates can also be turned into a play area, whereas others are meant specifically for the fireplace. With a KidCo safety gate, you won’t have to worry about your baby getting into danger or pets or toddlers getting to your baby. For added security, check out their other products, such as outlet covers and furniture straps.

13 Lulyboo Baby Lounge

Many babies sleep in a bassinet the first few months. It can be a hassle transporting the bassinet from room to room if you want the baby near you. And what about when you need to go on outings or travel? Staying in cramped car seats isn’t healthy or safe for babies, and they may not sleep well in unfamiliar bassinets or cribs.

Lulyboo solves this problem through portable baby lounges. The lightweight, oval lounge folds in half and can be worn as a backpack for easy carrying. It serves as a waterproof bassinet, playpen, activity mat, and changing station.

The gender neutral Lulyboo Classic baby lounge is only $39.99 USD ($51 CAD) at Babies R Us. Other lounges have extra features, and there is also a toddler-size variety.

12 Pacific One-Touch Nursery Tent

As your baby grows, a portable play tent or rest place is a must have for all active mothers and families. The Pacific One-Touch Nursery Tent is perfect for parents on the go, and for just $60.95 USD ($78 CAD) you really can take your baby with you anywhere to explore the great outdoors.

This tent is incredibly easy to setup and is tough enough to handle wind and protects your little bundle against UV rays, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The mesh panels at the top allow for proper ventilation and a quick view for you to check on your little one. Take it to the backyard, beach, park, hotel room, or a friend’s house so your baby can enjoy the surroundings and company while staying safe.

11 The Ollie Swaddle

Babies loves to be swaddled, but not all swaddles are created equal. The Ollie Swaddle was designed with the help of a pediatric neuro-developmental psychologist for a swaddle that keeps your baby snug and in the correct position, has the right amount of pressure, and doesn’t overheat your baby through moisture-wicking fabric.

Velcro keeps the sides secured tightly to resemble the feeling of being in the womb and to allow for a customized fit as baby grows. An elastic loop below the feet keeps the swaddle closed while still allowing room for your baby to move around and for you to change diapers without undoing the entire swaddle.

To care for the Ollie Swaddle, secure the Velcro tabs and put the swaddle in the provided laundry bag. Wash it in cold water and baby-safe detergent on the delicate cycle. You can purchase the swaddle through the website or Amazon. The $59 USD ($76 CAD) price is worth a good night’s sleep for everyone.

10 Latchy Catchy

One of the trickiest parts of parenting is not only getting your baby to sleep, but also keeping your baby asleep. There is nothing more dreaded than waking up your baby as you tiptoe out of the room and click the door shut. You won’t have to worry about this with the Latchy Catchy, a latch cover made from durable fabric and elastic that makes closing any door silent.

At only $9.95 USD ($13 CAD) for one, it’s a must for every sleepy mom. Besides the one you need for the baby’s room, you may consider more for other noisy, high-traffic doors nearby, such as the bathroom door. Get yours from their website, Etsy store, or Amazon.

9 Puj Flyte

Bath time for an infant can be tricky, especially when you’re not at home. The Puj Flyte portable tub takes care of this problem. It’s comfortable for your baby and stays warm to the touch. Its compact size allows it to fit in almost any sink and inside a suitcase or diaper bag so you can easily take it anywhere.

The BPA- and PVC-free tub is nonslip and dries quickly, even coming with a hole for easy hanging. All it takes to clean it is warm, soapy water and a cloth.

Its moderate price of $34.99 ($45 CAD) makes it even more appealing. You can order online through the site, Amazon, or major retailers like Target or Toys ‘R Us. If you prefer to see the product in person, use the store locator to find a carrier near you.

8 Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga & Pumping Bra

There are many bras on the market created for easier pumping, but they usually can be used only for pumping or everyday wear. The Lotus Yoga & Pumping Bra by Cake Maternity is a perfect solution for yogis and other active moms. It offers full coverage for a discreet pumping or nursing experience for only $50 USD ($64 CAD).

There are two layers to the bra: the colorful outer layer and the white inner layer for nursing or pumping. A wide elastic band and cross-over back provide full support for leaky mamas. Shop via their site, Amazon, or select retailers listed on their site.

7 UviCube

For you moms who bottle feed, proper bottle care is vital to your baby’s health. Drying racks, dishwashers, and even some sanitizers don’t dry the bottles quickly enough, allowing bacteria to grow. The UviCube uses UV light to dry and then sanitize bottles and pacifiers to eliminate germs for good.

Because it doesn’t use heat, you won’t burn your fingers, and because it doesn’t use moisture, it can also clean cell phones, remotes, and toys. It’s priced at $299 USD ($385 CAD), but it definitely pays you back in fewer trips to the doctor or drug store.

If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, it should be good enough for your little munchkin too.

6 Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

Do you want an easy way to track your baby’s growth without having to make doctor appointments? Then the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad is for you. It not only tracks your baby’s weight, but also diaper changes, feedings, and sleep times. It then syncs all the data to your smartphone through an app and even lets you receive notifications when someone else is caring for your baby.

The changing pad was created by an everyday mom who wanted a simple and convenient way to track the growth of her breastfed baby. For $249 USD ($320), you too can have a more informed sense of and peace of mind about your baby’s development. It is available for purchase through the company site or Amazon.

5 Greentom Upp -in-

Strollers are one of the biggest investments you have to make for your baby. Why not make it a green investment, too? The Greentom Upp is a 100-percent sustainable Dutch stroller. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, the frames are made from recycled polypropene and bioplastic, and the stroller is assembled in various places across the world to use local resources and reduce shipping.

When you’re done using it, you can send it back to be recycled into a new stroller.

It has three positions to allow for use from newborn to toddler without the need for a car seat: Carrycot (bassinet style), Reversible (facing you), and Classic (facing outward). The 3-in-1 style is €599 ($680 USD/$877 CAD). If you want just the classic version, the cost is only €249 ($283 USD/$364 CAD). Unless you live in the Netherlands, you’ll have to order this innovative product online.

4 Mumbrella

Strollers are designed for two-hand use, making it nearly impossible to hold anything and push the stroller at the same time, especially on a drizzly day. Mumbrella saves the day with an umbrella that attaches to any stroller for hands-free protection. It protects against rain, snow, and sunlight up to 50 UV. When you’re done, swing it down at the touch of a button and use the cover’s strap to secure it to your stroller.

You only need $39.99 USD ($51 CAD) to keep you and your baby dry or shaded. Get more value by also using it for a golf bag, beach chair, or walker. Choose among three colors available on their site, Amazon, specific retailers listed on their site, and Babies ‘R Us.

3 TwinGo Carrier

Moms have gotten creative when it comes to wearing two children at once. Some wraps may offer positions for twins, but they are not recommended for safety reasons. The answer is the TwinGo carrier that holds one baby or toddler in front and another in back. It can also be used as a single carrier for two adults when needed. At $214.99 USD ($275 CAD), it’s a more cost-effective choice than buying two carriers of the same high quality.

The carrier holds little ones from 10 to 45 lbs. (4.6 kg to 18.2 kg). With the infant insert, you can carry newborns at least 7 lbs. (3.2 kg). The combined weight if holding two children can’t be more than 70 lbs. (31.8 kg). The easiest way to get yours is through the site, but there is also a list of authorized resellers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

2 4moms High Chair

One of the most annoying aspects of a high chair is the tray. It can be difficult to take on and off or adjust, and babies like to throw their bowls and plates on the floor. Say goodbye to frustration and messes with the magnetic 4moms high chair.

The magnetism makes the dishwasher-safe tray easy to handle and keeps 4moms bowls and plates stuck in place. The metal design gives a modern look, and the foam insert offers comfort for your little one and an easy cleaning experience for you.

The high chair is versatile, so you get your money’s worth ($299.99 USD/$384 CAD). It has three height positions reaching up to 38 inches (96.5 cm), 32 inches (81.3 cm) for the highest tray setting. The weight limit is 60 pounds (27 kg). You can buy the chair online through the site and various retailers, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

1 ezpz Happy Mat

For toddlers who eat at the table, the ezpz Happy Mat keeps messes contained. The food-grade silicone mat suctions to the tabletop and has a built-in plate. It’s stackable and dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe as well.

Color choices include blue, coral, gray, and lime. The cost of a clean floor and eating area is only $24.99 USD ($32 CAD). Other options include the Happy Bowl, Mini Mat, Snack Mat, and Play Mat. Buy from the site or use the store locator to find a local retailer.

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