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25 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

25 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

Nothing captures the beauty, sweetness, and preciousness of a baby girl better than a flower does. Then why not give your daughter a floral name? Here are 30 lovely, unique options of baby girl names inspired by flowers.

25 Amaranth

Amaranth (or amaranthus) is a small, bushy flower. It was used ceremoniously by the Aztecs and is eaten in various parts of the world. The vibrant dark red color is suitable for a baby girl with a vibrant personality.

24 Amaryllis

This tropical flower comes in white and bright sunset colors, such as red, pink, and orange. It’s very easy to grow and would be the perfect name for an easygoing little lady.

23  Blossom

Blossoms are the flowers that bloom on certain fruit trees in spring. They are usually pink or white and they also provide pollen for bees to make honey. It’s the ideal name for a sweet baby girl.

22 Rose

The ever-popular rose is both a classic flower and a classic name. Roses can be used to convey different emotions depending on their color. However, it’s most often attached to love, which every baby girl radiates. It’s also the birth month flower of June.

21  Dahlia

Although found in Mexican mountains, the dahlia was named after a Swedish botanist. They can grow very small or very large depending on the type. It’s Seattle’s official flower, relevant to any girls born in this Washington city.

20  Daisy

The daisy is a small white flower with a yellow center that is actually another flower. The petals open each morning when the sun rises. Daisies represent purity and innocence, and there is nothing purer and more innocent than a newborn baby. The daisy is also the birth month flower for April.

19  Delphinium

These flowers grow most commonly in stalks of blue, purple, or white. The delphinium flower belongs to July babies and provides adorable nicknames, such as Del, Delphi, Fifi, Phin, Phinny, and Phinium.

18  Freesia

These fragrant flowers originated from Africa. Names of some of its varieties include Athene, Mirabel, Excelsior, Demeter, Snowdon, and Welkin. The unique names reflect the unique personalities of baby girls.

17  Flora

No name says “flower” more than this one does. It’s a Latin name and the moniker of the Roman goddess of spring. It’s also the name of one of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

16  Forsythia

Yellow flowers bloom from this beautiful bush. It grows quickly and before other spring plants, making it the ideal name for a quickly growing or premature baby. 

15  Gardenia

This tropical flower thrives in bright, humid regions. It represents sweetness and purity, applicable to every baby girl.

14. Veronica

The eye-catching shades of blue, purple, pink, and white draw butterflies and hummingbirds to the veronica flower. It grows in a spike shape, though one type has flowers that grow in clusters instead. It’s a carefree flower meant for a carefree girl.

14  Gladiola

Gladiola flowers grow in the shape of a gladiator sword; hence, its name and nickname, the “sword lily.” August babies are blessed with this floral symbol of strength. 

13  Heather

Purples, pinks, and reds are common for this bell-shaped flower that grows in spear-like bunches. The gentle sound of the name suits a gentle little girl.

12  Hyacinth

The sweet fragrance and long petals of hyacinth make it both an appealing flower and name. The name originates from a Greek legend and represents play. It has a similar sound to another Greek name: Cynthia.

11  Iris

This flower is named for the Greek goddess who is the messenger of love. It means “rainbow,” and the flower grows in a rainbow of colors. Each one signifies a different virtue or emotion. The iris is the flower for February. It’s a perfect baby name because, like babies, rainbows connect heaven with earth and are a sign of divine love.

10  Jasmine

The powerful aroma of the jasmine flower makes it widely used in beauty products. It’s usually white, though some species are yellow. It’s an exotic name perfect for a strong yet sweet girl. 

9  Liatris

The liatris looks like a bottle brush. It grows well in the sun and attracts butterflies. It tolerates droughts and is long lasting when cut or dried. It’s a good name for a premature baby beating all the odds. A cute and trendy nickname would be Tris, like from Divergent.

8  Lilac

Lilacs have a stronger fragrance than roses do. Their downside is that they don’t bloom for long; however, the bush can live for centuries. This flower would be a great name for a baby girl whose time on earth ends too soon, but whose spirit will live on for much longer. It can also be used for girls born in Rochester, New York, the lily capital of the world; Cornwall, Ontario, the city of lilacs; or New Hampshire, whose state flower is the purple lilac. 

7  Lily

May babies have the lily as their birth month flower. Common varieties include Amazon (similar in looks to a daffodil), blood, Easter, and Oriental. The calla variety technically isn’t a lily, and the lily of the valley also is a different flower. The Greeks believed lilies came from the milk of the queen goddess, Hera. The lily is also associated with the virgin Mary, signifying virtue.

6 Violet

This small flower has heart-shaped leaves and represented love and fertility in Ancient Greece. Violets are the state flower of Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. It’s not only a meaningful name for girls born in these U.S states, but also for those who are born to women who have had fertility problems.

5  Magnolia

The Southern magnolia is the most common variety of this purple, pink, or white flower, which blooms from an ancient tree that can only be pollinated by beetles. It is the state flower of Mississippi (the “Magnolia State”) and Louisiana, and thus an appropriate moniker for a little Southern belle. 

4  Marigold

Their bright fall colors of orange, yellow, and red make marigolds the perfect flower for October babies. Marigolds can be used to heal skin conditions. They are also associated with the Virgin Mary and represent grace and affection.

3  Poppy

There are various poppies, including the golden poppy that is the state flower of California. Poppies that produce opium symbolize sleep, whereas the red kind represent death because of its color and ties to World War I. The name would be meaningful for daughters of living or fallen military heroes.

2  Tulip

Tulips are part of the lily family and are known for their bright spring colors. Most tulips are grown in Holland and exported throughout the world due to their high popularity. A fun fact about tulips is that their bulbs can be substituted for onions in cooking.

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