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Pregnancy Calendar

A little miracle is on the way

Week 1 -In the beginning there was me!

Week 2 -I'm just yolking!

Week 3 -Tiny & full of potential!

Week 4 -I'm a manatee, mommy!


Week 6 -My tail's receding!

Week 7 -Goodbye tail, hello toes!

Week 8 -Fingers-n-toes OH MY!

Week 9 -FETUS AHOY!!!

Week 10 -I can poop!

Week 11 -What's that uterus-like

Week 12 -Look ma, I'm a lollipop!

Week 13 -Farewell first trimester...

Week 14 -I can dance if I want to!

Week 15 -I'm your tiny dancer

Week 16 -I'm not gas or nervous

Week 17 -Look at me grow!!!

Week 18 -Covered in wax & nowhere to slip

Week 19 -Head-to-toe I grow-n-grow!

Week 20 -Half-way to the finish line!

Week 21 -Look Mommy, I'm dreaming!

Week 22 -I'm wrinklier than a raisin!

Week 23 -Singin' in the womb!

Week 24 -Look ma, my ears can hear!

Week 25 -To turn or not to turn...

Week 26 -Eye see YOU!

Week 27 -I'm a survivor, I'm gonna

Week 28 -I'm making blood, fat & hormones!

Week 29 -I'm spleen-tastic!

Week 30 -10 more weeks mama!

Week 31 -Another day... another ounce

Week 32 -Mommy, you're HOT!

Week 33 -I'm a chunky monkey!

Week 34 -Mama, I'm movin' downtown!

Week 35 -It's getting cramped in here!

Week 36 -Almost done, mommy!

Week 37 -I can see the finish line!

Week 38 -Stuck in a holding pattern

Week 39 -I'm almost done bakin'!

Week 40 -Three, two, one... BLAST

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First Year Baby Calendar

A new star is born

Newborn -Hello, world!

Month 1 -Hold on tight!

Month 2 -Track & focus!

Month 3 -This sounds familiar!

Month 4 -Have you heard this before?

Month 5 -Chest-ups!

Month 6 -It all goes in my mouth!

Month 7 -The final stretch!

Month 8 -Put your hands up!

Month 9 -Pointing fingers!

Month 10 -Soccer player in the making!

Month 11 -Stand up for yourself!

First Year -Happy birthday to me!

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