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Two years ago, after selling every last stitch of baby clothes, furniture and maternity pants, Ashley convinced her husband to have just one last baby. Mind you, she already had a 3 and 2 year old, but that maternal clock came a-pounding. A few short months later...twins! Ashley left the mainstream workforce to focus on her writing and raising her litter of children. She is editor-in-chief at where she vents about going gray and jiggling all over. Her pastimes include Googling horrifying things that happen to children because she is a ball of nerves and writes about them for other nutty mothers like herself.

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15 Pics Of The Biggest Baby Bumps

15 Pics Of The Biggest Baby Bumps

Let me start off by saying this, I have been pregnant three times, the last of which was a twin pregnancy, I am not about to body shame a pregnant …
15 Most Hated Kids Of All Time

15 Most Hated Kids Of All Time

When the world sees children do heinous things, immediately, their parents are thrown under the microscope of judgment. Sometimes, the parents are normal, everyday, boring parents. Sometimes the apple doesn’t …