2 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal development in week 2

Right now, it's easiest to think of your micro-baby as a microscopic chicken egg: the amniotic cavity (or egg white-- aka "yolk sac") and the embryo (your baby-to-be or egg-yolk).

The yolk sac’s main job is to protect and nourish your baby until their pad-- the placenta, is fully furnished and ready for living.

Right now though, the placenta is just beginning to be built, much less furnished and decorated! In another 8 weeks, their little pad will be complete and ready for them.

The beginnings of your egg-yolk-baby's umbilical cord is visible and partly functional, although it is still not fully formed.

And how's mom doing?

Most women who aren't actively trying to conceive (TTC) are still blissfully unaware of their little womb fruit and its astonishing growth of rate.

Still, some of you will start to notice an increased need to pee, strange bouts of unexpected fatigue and breast tenderness ... the most common of early pregnancy symptoms.

At this point in the game, it's still unlikely your body is producing enough HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) to yield a positive pregnancy test.

For those women who're using the Fertility Awareness Method or Natural Family Planning and charting their temperature, they'll notice a prolonged increase in your basal temperature at this point signaling the presence of your tiniest future house-guest.

Did You Know?

The caffeine a pregnant woman consumes crosses the placenta to the baby, which their still-developing digestive system is unable to fully metabolize. What’s more multiple studies have shown that caffeine can cause birth defects, preterm delivery, reduced fertility, and also increase the risk of low-birth weight.

Pregnancy Psycho-Meter

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Week 2 cartoon

Sarcastic Journalist ?

Tease me, squeeze me (not that tight!)

People are always waiting for “the right time” to have a baby. It’s always something: You don’t have enough money; your spouse doesn’t have the “right” job. Your house is too small, your butt's too big and your ability to handle the smell of someone else’s poop is oddly nonexistent.

What most people don’t realize is that there isn’t a “right time” to have a baby. You can’t plan a baby like you would a bikini wax. Even if you decide to “try,” things have a magical way of popping up and ruining your plans.

For me, it was “stomach problems” for my husband. After finally weaning my daughter, I had begun to ovulate. Trying to control nature and have my baby during a few select “perfect weather” months, I felt determined to get pregnant.

My husband’s body had other plans: He ended up in the emergency room. I wouldn’t consider myself a very “frisky” person normally. Why would I? I had a nine-month-old at the time and was tired. But, I wanted that second baby and I didn’t want to have it during the summer.

So, I tried my best to convince my husband, still hunched over in pain, that a good romp in the sack would cure all his problems. Yes, I knowingly tried to seduce someone who had given himself an enema earlier in the day.

Desperate times call for (really) desperate measures.