7 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal development in week 7

Your sea-monkey is turning into an alien!

No seriously, thanks to their new bulbous eyes and a creepy bulging-but-pointy forehead, your wee womb tenant now looks more like a bobble-headed alien than a manatee!

Mini-alien's eyes and ear pits are their most clearly defined facial features. Additionally, miniature bones are starting to harden.

Even more exciting - your alien is some variation on a boy or a girl at this point, although their genitals won't be visible enough to determine which color cigars you're going to buy until around the 16th week.

And to really cap off their alien look: the tiny receding tail bud is now starting to be overshadowed by the growth of their tiny weird legs (finally!), which are now complete with knees and the beginnings of toes!

And how's mom doing?

If your erratic mood swings haven't clued you in, your hormones are still out of whack because the placenta won't take over hormone production for another couple of weeks. So until then, expect more of the same moodiness.Focus on getting clean healthy fuel and positive emotional energy flowing into your body to provide your baby with the safest strongest and happiest home possible.

At this point, if you're lucky enough to have a sensitive friend or family member, they're going to be noticing that you're a little more crabby and emotional. It's always worth the time and effort to explain to yourself (and if you're ready - others) the actual reason for your current emotional rollercoaster; you don't have to be a monster just because you feel a little more whacked out than usual.

Focus on your breathing and energy levels. Take naps if you feel fatigued but don't forget the stress-reducing, healthy-enriching benefits of a brisk walk outside for some essential fresh air and exercise. Sit down if you start to feel nauseous, and take the time to eat healthy vitamin-rich foods when you're hungry.

Even though there's no bi-weekly paycheck, pregnancy is hard work for your body and your emotional well-being, which basically means you need to focus on getting clean healthy fuel and positive emotional energy flowing into your body to provide your baby with the safest strongest and happiest home possible.

Did You Know?

Despite the common practice of avoiding hair coloring treatments during pregnancy, medical experts agree it's completely safe to color your hair after your first trimester. Still, highlights are recommended over a full color treatment to reduce any risk of over-exposure to unnecessary or unhealthy chemicals

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Week 7 cartoon

Sarcastic Journalist ?

The Sag Factor: Remembering the perky times

Depending on your “pre-baby” body, the swelling of your breasts can be a good or bad thing. Since I already had more than enough pre-pregnancy, the thought of going up another cup size was as welcome as giving birth in the middle of a McDonald's parking lot.

Maybe I’m not that much of a “hands on” type of gal, but I always found out that “the girls” were growing when I was in the shower. I’d put the soap on my loofah and start washing only to yell “ouch!” once I touched my Little Friends.

It was puberty all over again.

By the time pregnancy and breastfeeding were over, I couldn’t remember what they looked like beforehand. Were they really this saggy? Weren’t they perkier?

My advice for anyone who hasn’t experienced breast changes yet: Take a picture. You’ll have something to refer to if you can’t remember what your body was like before. And, if things aren’t the same anymore, well, at least you have a souvenir.