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Week 30 photo
length ~ 15.7 in  |  40 cm     weight ~ 3 lbs  |  1.3 kg   /   10 more weeks mama!

Fetal development in week 30

Woohoo! You can finally see the finish line now that you're in the final quarter of the race!!!

Whether you felt like your pregnancy's been flying by or slower than a snail scaling Everest, you've arrived in your thirtieth week and your baby's cookin' beautifully!

In animal news: the fine lanugo hair that covers their little monkey-like body will start falling off this week in preparation for the big day.

Still, don't be too shocked if your baby ape is hairier than you’d anticipated. Some babies keep their lanugo after birth - which is totally normal, and it will fall off eventually.

Checking in on the fat factory: your little porker is getting even cuter with increasingly pudgy arms and legs, thanks to their ever-growing layers of subcutaneous brown fat.

In terms of numbers, your big ol' baby should be weighing in at around 3 pounds 12 ounces (or more!) and be nearly 16 inches long!

Keep up the good work you two!

And how's mom doing?

Hey beautiful pregnant woman, have you thought about where you want to have your baby?

There are three basic choices: a hospital, a birthing center, or at home - all of which are perfectly viable and safe options, although there are many benefits to less invasive birthing environments.

Many women don't think about how they want their first birth to go and end up less-than satisfied with their experience - if not downright traumatized and for good reason: labor is often treated as the evil-step child of the pregnancy process.

All too often labor is a topic which we speak of in hushed tones to describe the horror of pain and surgery... or simply roll our eyes and say, "Don't remind me!"

The truth is markedly different. If you take the time to research the basics of labor and birth, choose your birthing and pain options carefully and prepare yourself mentally and physically, labor and birth can be one of the single most empowering and emotionally meaningful events of your life.

The act of giving birth is nothing short of epic and the work you do to get there is an intense process. If approached mindfully, your labor can be an amazing and primal journey - exposing you to an astonishingly massive reservoir of personal inner strength.

Did You Know?

If you end up going into labor at an unexpected time (hours away from civilization or a hospital), try to keep calm, get help, get lots of clean towels, hot water, clean hands, and remember the birthing process is something that’s been going on since before doctors even existed, but do NOT attempt cut the umbilical cord without sterile instruments if medical assistance isn’t readily available

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Week 30 cartoon

Sarcastic Journalist ?

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll never have sex again!

I once had the gall to tell someone who announced her pregnancy to me what I thought she should do during labor. My basis for doing so? I watched “A Baby Story” on TLC. What is even funnier about this is that at the time, I had never been pregnant, let alone gave birth.

Thanks to the miracle of television, you too, can watch the final weeks of a woman’s pregnancy up until the birth, neatly packaged into a 30-minute show. You’ll meet Jennifer (as they are always named Jennifer), a first-time Mom that has a house bigger than God himself.

Why they always have such nice houses, I have yet to figure out. I guess us po’ folks don’t make for good viewing entertainment.

The first few minutes of the show update us on Jennifer and her husband, Mike’s plans for the birth. They want no drugs. They want a shaman to come in during the birth and to bless the entire birthing room.

Flash forward to the delivery scene: Through the magic of editing, all we see is Jennifer screaming bloody m****r, her crying over the decision to get an epidural and then a baby being born.

You get scared. “If Jennifer from Long Island can’t do it,” you think. “Then neither can I!”

That’s where you are wrong. I know of a high-profile blogger that refers to these shows as “When Babies Attack.” Everything that can go wrong will go wrong on these types of shows. It makes for good entertainment.

In actuality, the more I think of it, maybe these shows are secretly funded by the makers of contraception. What better way to gain more customers than to scare the dookie out of Patti from Idaho! She’ll never have unprotected sex again!

Trust me, you can do it! You’ll do great! And here’s one little piece of advice I have for you: Please refrain from watching these types of shows in the delivery room. You wouldn’t watch a show on cavities while waiting at the dentist’s office, would you?

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