37 Weeks Pregnant

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length ~ 19 in  |  48 cm     weight ~ 6.3 lbs  |  2.8 kg   /   I can see the finish line!

Fetal development in week 37

If you haven't yet delivered, you've reached the calm before the storm. You're probably monitoring your body for those first Early Labor symptoms and wondering what you've forgotten.

Your smooshed-up baby is weighing in at around 6.3 lbs and 19 inches (with boys somewhat heavier and longer than girls).

As far as their internal organs go, your adorable poop and blood factory has reached "term" - a medical term that means your sweet little bun is birth-ready and labor is welcome and normal at this point.

Despite being physically ready to land on planet Earth, your baby's immune system is quite weak and will continue to be that way for their first years of life.

Thankfully, your breast milk (aka "boob medicine") protects your child via protective antibodies that are present in your breast milk.

And how's mom doing?

If you haven't yet evicted your wee lad or lassie from their first home, you're sitting here: big, ready and wondering when you're going to be in "real labor" - aka Active Labor.

Well, relax, because your womb-loving baby knows what they're doing. They're not quite done bakin', mama!

Still, if you want to get things moving down there, stay upright and active (aka go for a brisk walk, with stairs - if possible) as your baby's skull will be pressing on your cervix, thus, being upright and active encourages cervical thinning (a process called "effacement") - which accompanies Active Labor as your cervix begins to dilate open.

If you're not in labor already, now's a good time to prep everything: double check you've all your newborn gear, go over your birth plan and clear your schedule conflicts and thin out the socially-demanding dates, it's time to get ready for the finish line!

Did You Know?

Some women will experience anal incontinence after giving birth. In general, this means they’ll have trouble controlling gas or less commonly their bowel movements. Anal incontinence can occur if your sphincter is torn during birth—as a result of a big baby, assisted vaginal delivery (with forceps), or if you have episiotomy (an incision between the vagina and anus to enlarge the vaginal opening).

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Week 37 cartoon

Sarcastic Journalist ?

I'm sorry, I've got to RUN!

I’ve always found it amazing how our bodies just know how to make and have babies. Is there a manual in there for it to know about cell division and how to grow a placenta?

When the end of the pregnancy draws near, it is not uncommon for your body to start giving off signals that say “a baby is coming!”

Yes, your feet swell and your hips spread, but that’s not the only thing that happens. Your bowels, ahem, finally get moving.

Yes, that’s right. All those weeks of constipation are coming to an end! In fact, things are probably moving right along down there.

It’s hard for me to use these words, but in order to continue, I’ll just get it out in the open: You’re going to have diarrhea. The runs. The trots. Call it what you want, but you’ll be spending a bit more time on the potty.

For me, “the runs” always snuck up without much notice. One minute, I’m standing in the bathroom, brushing my teeth with my husband and the next I’m running down the hall screaming “I’ve gotta go!”

I think the worst part about the whole diarrhea while heavily pregnant thing is that it is almost impossible to look somewhat graceful while running to the potty. How can you? You’re trying to make it to the bathroom in two seconds or less all the while having a giant basketball protrude from your belly.

The sooner you learn to accept that you can’t do the Diarrhea Dash while looking graceful, the better. Who cares what they think? You’re nine months pregnant. I DARE anyone to mess with you.

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