5 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal development in week 5

The changes to your growing embryo are not quite as drastic this week as they've been in the last few weeks.

Growth is now focused on your wee manatee's head, which is developing and growing much more rapidly than the rest of their tiny body. This is because their amazing brain is undergoing some very critical changes in order to effectively regulate their heart rate, blood circulation, and other vital functions.

As for the rest of their tiny body, what were only limb buds last week have grown into wee limb flippers this week and their sea-creature tail is even more visible.

Amazingly, within five short weeks of existence, your hard-working miniature manatee is already sporting the rudimentary forms of their liver, pancreas, lungs, stomach and nasal pits while their heart is increasing its circulatory capacity.

And if you were wondering about size, your sea-monkey has grown to an impressive 5 mm in length. Growing like this only happens once in a lifetime!

And how's mom doing?

Choo choo! Yes, my dear, we're still on the same lame symptom train as last week as your body continues to adjust to the increased hormone-load of pregnancy.Studies have shown that fast food, junk food (empty carbs like chips, french fries, crackers, white bread, and such), soda and other sweetened beverages are as addictive as they are destructive to your health!

And again, some of you will start feeling the glories of morning sickness set in this week (see Week 4 for more specific symptom details).

Don't worry if your areolas are darkening, this is a perfectly normal response to the hormonal changes in your body.

PUT DOWN THE BIG MAC!!! Studies have shown that fast food, junk food (empty carbs like chips, french fries, crackers, pastas, white bread, etc), soda and other sweetened beverages are as addictive as they are destructive to your health!

If you're just tuning in to the fact that you're pregnant, you need to clean up your diet, especially if you tend to chow down on craptastic fast food and junk food that's bad for your figure, mental health, and stomach and twice as bad for your tiny developing child.

So, it goes without saying that NOW is the perfect time to finally cut the crap non-food out of your life and start loading your grocery cart with fresh fruits, veggies, non-sweetened dairy and non-processed meats and fish (skip the canned meats). Also, get yourself on a decent prenatal vitamin immediately to give your baby (and you!) the full spectrum of necessary vitamins and minerals needed during this critical phase of your pregnancy.

There are three simple things you can do to help ensure a healthy low-risk pregnancy: Eat right (see above for directions), stay active (at least an hour a day of physical activity, if only walking), and be happy (get the toxic people and situations OUT of your life now).

Pregnancy is life's way of telling you to start caring for your body and health for the sake of your unborn child, as well as for your own sake.

Did You Know?

There's no magical formula for nutrition during pregnancy despite the libraries of books dedicated to telling pregnant moms how to eat. Although you'll consume and burn an extra 300 calories a day, the standard healthy eating principles remain the same: eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean sources of protein (e.g. fish instead of a Big Mac). And of course get loads of Folic Acid, Calcium, Protein, and Iron.
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