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by: Mara 143 posts | 87704 views | 19th Mar '09
Last Post: I think the name of the forum should be changed. It ...
Last Post: Message please :( anybody who is an abortion ...

Abortion Scheduled for Thursday

by: Leigh182 53 posts | 2373 views | 1st Sep
Last Post:

Threatening to leave.

by: M_Staley 20 posts | 1374 views | 11th Sep
Last Post: All these ladies gave really good advice. The same I ...

Considering Abortion.

by: SFmommy85 7 posts | 1313 views | 7th Sep
Last Post: I was in your position, unplanned pregnancy and barely ...

considering abortion

by: AmandaRay0690 28 posts | 1666 views | 5th Sep
Last Post: Have you considered adoption? There are lots of ...

Regret after abortion

by: silverLuna3 2 posts | 1060 views | 1st Sep
Last Post: Hi,How are you feeling? Please let us know

will the sadness end?

by: silverLuna3 4 posts | 1432 views | 13th Aug
Last Post: Hi,How are you? How are you feeling? 

first abortion appointment on Friday the 5th.

by: kroger_love 20 posts | 1992 views | 25th Aug
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Abortion pill

by: GabbysMomma24 12 posts | 2271 views | 20th Jul
Last Post: Did you decide on anything OP?

I don't want to do this

by: OGTattedmama2007 28 posts | 2849 views | 13th Aug
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Ab on Tuesday-petrified

by: Alexandrah28 12 posts | 1524 views | 9th Aug
Last Post: Thank you!!! I appreciate your time and kind words!!! ...

planned parent hood questions...

by: *Mrs. Mom* 20 posts | 3032 views | 9th Jun
Last Post: I'm very happy for you! So glad you decided to keep ...
Last Post: This has been my personal experience: i found out i ...

Abortion pill

by: Maryjo* 15 posts | 3938 views | 6th Jan
Last Post: This has been my personal experience: i found out i ...