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Please read before posting!

by: Jennifer SG 12 posts | 1945 views | 26th Nov '13
Last Post: Quoting ...

Neat ideas!

by: MinionMaker 3 posts | 139 views | yesterday
Last Post: Quoting linsα: ...
Last Post: We can't tell you.Be more responsible about taking ...

If you have a nanny for your kids..

by: MrsArango1026 4 posts | 213 views | 3 days ago
Last Post: I don't even want to watch the video, I already can ...

She didnt know she was pregnant..

by: MrsArango1026 5 posts | 283 views | 4 days ago
Last Post: Well im still like Thats what i thought too, that she ...

If Condoms were like birthcontrol

by: ListerFIEND™ 0 posts | 195 views | 12th Oct
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4 year old hands out heroine at Daycare.

by: BabydollWilson 13 posts | 358 views | 7th Oct
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WTF is wrong with people?

by: HowtoCareforYourCermet 11 posts | 449 views | 6th Oct
Last Post: eeek

I cant sleep and these made me giggle

by: Virginia D◆ 0 posts | 186 views | 7th Oct
Last Post: ...
Last Post: If this has anything to do with a child dying, I can't ...
Last Post: It would be great if you could take some training. In ...

Little Girl with Autism, Paintings

by: [[Breezy]] 11 posts | 346 views | 26th Sep
Last Post: Amazing and Beautiful!!! 

Vagina cookies for second grade class!

by: Gold 32 posts | 761 views | 23rd Sep
Last Post: Gives a whole meaning to your" cookie" and isn't ...

The Miracle of Life

by: Bad Things 3 posts | 204 views | 19th Sep
Last Post: So where was this when I was in high school o-0 

Facebook emojis

by: Peter Pan 10 posts | 202 views | 18th Sep
Last Post: I have the emoji app but can't get it to work on my FB!