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Please read before posting!

by: Jennifer SG 12 posts | 1619 views | 26th Nov
Last Post: Quoting ...

Couple tries to sneak in maternity ward...

by: Bad Things 8 posts | 352 views | 1 hour ago
Last Post: Way creepy........don't get me wrong...but it also ...

Mom Writes Horrifying Response To Birthday Party

by: Jennifer SG 84 posts | 70712 views | 13th Feb
Last Post: To all those who say it is a sin, it is also a sin to ...

4 Year-Old Boy Talks About Heaven Before Passing Away

user banned 1 posts | 359 views | 2 days ago
Last Post: Awww so sad
Last Post: Quoting The REAL ...

I live for these

by: Hank Hill 9 posts | 421 views | 10th Aug
Last Post: Quoting Regina♥: the ...
Last Post: Quoting FroggysMommy: ...

Buying all the pies

by: Noneya Business 12 posts | 290 views | 6th Aug
Last Post: I'm glad he did that. The mother was a rude immature ...

Is she stupid?

by: SuckerPinch 8 posts | 379 views | 7th Aug
Last Post: Quoting Evie's mama ...


by: Gold 6 posts | 339 views | 6th Aug
Last Post: Quoting Gold: ...

A mans maternity!

by: Bad Things 8 posts | 401 views | 30th Jul
Last Post: ;lololol hilarious!!

What's wrong with people :(

by: Michelle** 8 posts | 375 views | 6th Aug
Last Post: Idk if I wanna read it :(eta; I couldn't help myself, ...

this kid is so funny

by: Noneya Business 4 posts | 266 views | 5th Aug
Last Post: He kind of reminds me of Bam Magera's uncle  The guy ...
Last Post: Oh I wish I could've been there for that lmao.

ummm.... what?

by: Noneya Business 2 posts | 337 views | 1st Aug
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