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How Much Do You Know About Fairy Tales?

When fairy tales are mentioned nowadays, most people immediately imagine beautiful Princesses getting their happily ever after endings, marrying charming Princes and living in magnificent castles.

In fact, such a utopian perspective to fairy tales is largely due to Walt Disney’s modifications to past children’s stories that have been passed down through generations. Before Disney started producing movies in 1923, most of our ancestors had grown up with much grimmer tales – quite literally!

Fairy tale stories are plentiful: from folk tales that have been passed down through word of mouth, all the way to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, and not forgetting stories by the Grimm Brothers, Charles Perrault, or even Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot.

Most of these contribute to teaching us lessons about love, friendship, and life in general. But the plots and endings of most of these fairy tales have also drastically changed over the decades.

In the past, it wasn’t unheard of for one fairy tale to have a gruesome ending in one version, only to have a much more peaceful ending in another. However, the darker story arks do prevail in most older versions of fairy tales, with characters being eaten, horrifyingly punished and locked away.

So how much do you really know about fairy tales? Can you correctly answer all 50 of these true or false questions on some of the most popular tales that are still told today, albeit with altered endings?

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