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How Well Do You Know Sesame Street?

Adults should all be more than familiar with Sesame Street. So that means that adults as well as their kids show know all about this all time popular children’s television show. We can bet that there is not one person who has not heard of Sesame Street! Any parent of kids, should definitely know it.

It’s hard to deny watching this as a kid (let’s face it, we all watched), which  means we all know a little something about it. Sesame Street is nothing short of an icon.

Despite growing up with the show and knowing a character here and there, how much do we actually know about the show that is meant to educate, inform, and entertain our youngsters? For those who think they know the most about these adorable puppets and songs.

Besides the ever popular show, there are toys, stuffed animals, video games, and more with the Sesame Street theme. Parents can even take their little ones to see Sesame Street in a live action show! Basically, everywhere parents turn, there is likely to be something with Sesame Street on it.

Take this quiz to see just how much there is to know and remember about this beloved television show. Most people have a place in their heart for Sesame Street. Let’s face it, it is definitely one of the lesser annoying shows for kids out there! Needless to say, whether it was watched as a child or as an adult, everyone must know something! Find out now!

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