I had baby Lily Lily'sMommy 1 child; Arizona 597 posts
16th Feb '10

And they lied and turned my epidural off! AHHH was it painful. I had her vacuum extracted too which was extremely painful

But its all worth it and I love her very much <3

D'Aquino02 Due February 24 (girl); 2 kids; Modesto, California 1431 posts
16th Feb '10


Mandie ♥ Jaiden 17 kids; Bronx, New York 3107 posts
16th Feb '10

Congrats! They're always worth it. =D

ItIsWhatItIs Bald Knob, Arkansas 24252 posts
16th Feb '10

Grats Momma =)

dream 2 kids; Linz, Ob, Austria 59817 posts
19th Feb '10

congrats! any details for us? I'll update the March mommies front page with your info.

baby's name, weight, length, and of course, birth date??

hope you're doing good. =D