Identical twin boy names Larlz Due July 10 (twins); 1 child; United Kingdom 11 posts
20th Feb '10

Hiya I knew I was having twins for a while now but only recently I found out they were identical boys.
I already have one son named Kieron and I like the name Tristan for one of the twins but i'm having a hard time comng up with something that will go with Kieron and Tristan. :)
I like names that are of british,welsh or irish origin mainly but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

****Please nothing that ryhmes!****

xilwolx 3 kids; Tulsa, OK, United States 20879 posts
20th Feb '10

IM such a terd, The only thing I could think of was Cain and Abel.

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20th Feb '10
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20th Feb '10

The first thing that popped in my head was Michael.

Mamanista. Due September 30 (boy); 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 20962 posts
20th Feb '10

How about Tristan and Aidan. I love my sons name :) I know it's overly popular but.. yeah :)

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20th Feb '10


thewininghooker. 1 child; 1 angel baby; Somewhere, In, Canada 70978 posts
20th Feb '10

Tristan & Colton

Whit &hearts Liv 2 kids; Glendale, Arizona 10388 posts
20th Feb '10

Briston ... I went to school with a guy named Briston and I loved the name

Em ♥ 3 kids; Indiana 943 posts
20th Feb '10

Tristan and Thomas
Tristan and Gavin
Tristan and Patrick
Tristan and Trenton
Tristan and Trevor
Tristan and Jacob
Tristan and Michael
Tristan and Colton

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20th Feb '10


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20th Feb '10


DH's cousin has 2 boysnamed Tristan and Merrick... they're such cuties:)

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20th Feb '10
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20th Feb '10
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status 20th Feb '10

Tristan and....


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20th Feb '10
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