1 year old, no teeth, & eating... Material Mommy 2 kids; Kissimmee, Florida 51813 posts
26th Feb '10

i'm sure this is a question i should ask a doctor but i figured i'd ask people who have had experience with the situation first.

alana's bday is on sunday, and she still has no teeth. she HATES stage 3 baby food, so i still give her stage 2 (2 jars in the AM and 2 in the PM). she will also nibble on whatever rob and i are eating. for example, yesterday we had frozen pizza so we gave her a piece of the crust and she gummed it down and ate it. she will also eat pasta and rice&beans if i put it infront of her.

in the past week i have taken her off of formula and put her on whole milk.

today i started thinking about it, if she doesn't have any teeth then she can't eat the food she needs to get nutrition, so should i have kept her on formula?

if your toddler didn't have any teeth until like 18mo, what did you feed them?

C~ K&M's Mommy 18 kids; United Kingdom 6410 posts
26th Feb '10

My friends daughter is now 15 months and just now got her teeth but she would still eat toddler meals and gumm them

DUH North Carolina 7099 posts
26th Feb '10

The formula/milk question, I don't know. But my son ate food before he had teeth, they chew with their molars and he got those a few months ago. If you give her soft enough foods, she'll be able to eat.

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 62947 posts
status 26th Feb '10

My daughter ate table foods before she had teeth, they don't need them to chew, so no worries!

She ate chicken, salmon, steamed veggies, pasta....all without teeth.

user banned 4 kids; Mueang Phuket, Thailand 30487 posts
26th Feb '10

if she can gum pizza crust she can gum veggies. lol
just try giving her some things to gum on that are better for her
give her peas as a finger food and stuff soft that she can gum.
my daughter didnt get teeth till13 months or so but she ate stage 3 so idk

Material Mommy 2 kids; Kissimmee, Florida 51813 posts
26th Feb '10

thanks ladies! i had no idea what to do bc my oldest had like 6 teeth when she was one!

Hunnybunny 2 kids; Fulton, New York 574 posts
26th Feb '10

our speech therapist gave us a list of foods expected for a 12 mo old to eat.. alot of the things on there were like casorouls and veggies you can cook to a soft point... just make sure your baby is getting fruits and veggies! once she turns one you can try PB&j and we do grilled cheese... my daughter is 13 mo and JUST got a tooth..

Hunnybunny 2 kids; Fulton, New York 574 posts
26th Feb '10

OH and ask the DR but they might suggest keeping her on baby cereal for extra iron.

~~~DINZ~~~ 3 kids; Bangor, Pennsylvania 25038 posts
26th Feb '10

Maddie has zero teeth but is a pro at gumming food. i give her basically anything we eat and she does fine.

:o/ Ireland 8829 posts
26th Feb '10

my parents gave layla a big ol steak way before she even had teeth! She eats anything and everything we eat. She now is getting her top 2 teeth. SHe would eat the hard cuban bread like bread sticks when she was around 8-9months with no teeth. They tend to gum it down. We always give layla the crust from the pizza or ill cut the pizza in small sizes and give it to her. Rice with beans, pasta, scamble eggs... everything... no problem! You just got to supervise her when eating. The only thing I dont like giving her which everyone in my house gives her is dorritos or the tostitos. Shes choked on it various of times and I always b***h because I dont know how to handle that situtaion! But anything small and that they can dissolve is good.

MommyLovesYou 3 kids; Texas 6994 posts
26th Feb '10

im pretty sure anything smooshy well be fine!! lol some one told me that if you can suck your lips in your gonna smack your lips. and squish the food then they can have it lol

Trendsetta*Mama*2*A*Dime 18 kids; Anguilla 4517 posts
26th Feb '10

I agree with what everyone basically that she would be fine with table food without food - Khalia got her first tooth at 3 months, but I always food processed her food or even chewed it up bbefore giving it to her. Just separate her food (take it out the pot before you add seasonings) from what everyone else is eating.