Contest: "I need a shirt!" Giveaway/Contest! *CLOSED* WINNERS Host: ღSheila Lynnღ FINAL RESULTS Show Rules

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"I need a shirt!" Giveaway/Contest! *CLOSED* WINNERS ღSheila Lynnღ 3 kids; Weed, California 47383 posts
Mar 1st '10

Drum roll pleaseeee............................






Okay no for real:

CONGRATS!!! PM me with however you want your shirt/onesie. ) 146 entries
20% off a taggie for a boy from Lady Lynne NMD


The 2nd winner---You can have $5 towards anything from me =)
Graphics, or shirts--ect that i make/sell lol

Congrats PM me with whatever you wish to use the $5 on =) ) 128 entries


Voting round one results in OP.
Voting round two:

"I need a shirt!"

**This contest is only for shipping within the USA**

**The smallest size i can do is 6 months-the largest size i can do is 4T**

The prize is a custom shirt/onesie made by me
and 10% off a M2M tutu if the winner is a girl, OR 20% off a taggie for a boy from Lady Lynne NMD


from my album: Pregnancy
from my album: Pregnancy2dayvrs.jpg1 comments | add comment1 comments | add comment
from my album: Pregnancy
from my album: Pregnancy2nriwk.jpg1 comments | add comment1 comments | add comment

from my album: Pregnancybirthday096.jpgadd commentPost a pic of your little one in need of a cute custom shirt/onesie. MUST BE A SHIRTLESS PICTURE!
Entry must include little one's name, age, and Momma's name or BG URL at the bottom, and who referred you (if referred)

You are welcome to enter both contests :D

This will be done in parts, close to the manner of a giveaway.

Part 1) enter your little one and include your name/ BG URL

Part 2) get referrals just like any other giveaway, NO POSTING NEW THREADS, but announcements and posting in established threads is fine
(Once voting has started referrals can still post here like a regular giveaway)

Part 3 is optional) Make a purchase from me and earn 1 entry for every $5 spent before voting closes, DOUBLE ENTRIES ON SHIRTS/ONESIES!
My prices and what all i can do for you =)
Every $5 you spend from Lynne will earn you 1 extra entry as well.

Part 4) Voting will take place, each vote your little one gets will count as an entry, each round he advances will get an additional 5 entries, the final top 3 will earn double their final round votes in entries, first place also gets a siggy by Me

No pictures will be accepted after Wednesday at 7pm Pacific, voting will start just after 7pm with round 2 starting 24 hours later

24 hours after voting for the final round closes the entry list will be posted and will choose a winner

My Shirt/Onesie thread:

Lynn's Tutu thread:

**To enter please use the "SUBMIT ENTRY" button**

Addison&Quinn'sMama 2 kids; Iowa 13172 posts
Mar 1st '10

Addison 1 year (MN Alexandra)21539_109147259098805_100000105949571_21

No Girls Allowed 4 kids; Nevada 71992 posts
Mar 1st '10

Gotta keep it on my list

Am I allowed to enter :lol:

Pin.ʞ.y♥Squish 1 child; Rīga, Latvia 64806 posts
Mar 1st '10



★Jai★ TTC since Aug 2015; 18 kids; 2 angel babies; New York 12532 posts
Mar 1st '10


Pin.ʞ.y♥Squish 1 child; Rīga, Latvia 64806 posts
Mar 1st '10
Quoting Jair's mommy:
user banned 2 kids; Fort d**k, 48957 posts
Mar 1st '10

Brooklynn Parker 7 months

☠Katastrophe☠ 2 kids; Texas 14999 posts
Mar 1st '10
Hannah. 34 kids; Spokane, WA, United States 63782 posts
Mar 1st '10

Levi James 14 months
Mom: Hannah


★Jai★ TTC since Aug 2015; 18 kids; 2 angel babies; New York 12532 posts
Mar 1st '10
Quoting Pin.ʞ.y b*****e Slut:
Matthews Mommy Due September 7 (boy); 1 child; Springfield, Ohio 2040 posts
Mar 1st '10


ღSheila Lynnღ 3 kids; Weed, California 47383 posts
Mar 1st '10
Quoting Pin.ʞ.y b*****e Slut:
AliG(Aidans mommy) 1 child; Texas 10774 posts
Mar 1st '10

Ok then SAVE!!! :)

No Girls Allowed 4 kids; Nevada 71992 posts
Mar 1st '10
Quoting AliG(Aidans mommy):
ღSheila Lynnღ 3 kids; Weed, California 47383 posts
Mar 1st '10
Quoting Lady Lynne NMD: