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6th Mar '10

Officially a mother of two! Annabelle Eve made her debut this morning at 7:44 am via repeat c-section due to non-progressive labor. A failed vbac but at least I tried! The contractions just did nothing to my cervix and Anna's heart rate kept dropping into the 80's. She weighed 5 lb 12 oz and is 17 in long. She looks exactly like her daddy. I'll get pix up later

Squeaky McGee 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 74353 posts
status 6th Mar '10

Congrats, mama! Sorry things didn't go as planned, but at least your LO is here and healthy!

Fullofpoo 15 kids; Indiana 18061 posts
6th Mar '10

Congrats momma!!

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
6th Mar '10


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6th Mar '10

Congrats! :)

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6th Mar '10


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6th Mar '10

Congrats :)

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6th Mar '10

Congrats momma :D

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6th Mar '10

Thanks ladies. I'm so happy right now. We found out the reason why labor was non progressive was because she was trying to come feet and head first. She couldn't engage properly. In the end it was the best way to do things. I just feel blessed to have gone into labor on my own. I tried. :)

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6th Mar '10

Congrats Momma!

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6th Mar '10

Yay she's here!!!! That's awesome!!! =))) can't wait to see pics!!!! You did great, gave it your all that's all that matters!!!

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6th Mar '10

yay! congrats! glad she made it out and you both are doing good I hope! =D

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6th Mar '10

YAAYYY! Our babies are only 3 days apart :D
And yours was RIGHT on time! Congrats!!

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6th Mar '10

congrats hon! I'm so glad you went into labor on your own and got to try. I'm glad to hear she's healthy. I hope you are doing well!

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6th Mar '10
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