Sunshine_smp 1 child; 2 angel babies; United States 5 posts
9th Jan

Gripe water seems to help lots for the gas and fussyness! I highly recommend it for those who haven't tried it yet :)

With Grace Photography 4 kids; Schoharie, NY, United States 110 posts
13th Jan

Quoting sooz the formula guru:

Lauren has good ideas there. You can also do what I did when I nannied for a baby that was on pre-mixed. Heat a container of water to boiling (I used a glass measuring container, like the pyrex ones), then drop the bottle in for a couple minutes. Works like a charm.

And you can give a baby cold formula, but most of them don't like it, and I have heard it can upset their stomach, but I don't know if that is true as we just use room temp.

My son actually PREFERRED cold formula, which the pedi explained was better since not heating it avoided extra bacteria growth. Plus, it made a great solution for teething, as he liked the cold on his gums. :)

Brittany Wilkinson Due May 12; 2 kids; Fargo, North Dakota 3 posts
9th Feb

Im not sure what to do...My son will eat his bottles just fine at night when he wakes up..but during the day he eats like 4 oz and no baby food. I try my hardest to get him to eat his baby food but he turns away from it..past couple days he just doesnt want to eat...i need help..what do i do?? I know that he should be fine because he is eating his bottle deff at night but i want him to eat more like he use to.

reneajohnson2012 Due December 15 (girl); 2 kids; 3 angel babies; ladson, SC, United States Minor Outlying Islands 3 posts
21st Feb

Quoting Gretchen Weiners:
Ask all of your formula and/or bottle feeding questions here! :D

What's the best formula?

How many ounces should my [insert age here] be eating?

What bottles do you like best?

Ask it all :D

gerber is a good formula, start them out with 4 oz and work your way up nd the best bottles to use are the dr. brown bottles

Mackenzie&Me 1 child; North Carolina 121 posts
16th Mar

Mackenzie is on Similac Advance and has been since I stopped producing milk about a month and a half after she was born.

I'm all about organic, so at one point we did try Similac Organic formula but right after we started it she got extremely fussy and seemed to spit up a lot more. We obviously stopped since the only thing we could chalk it up to was the formula. I wonder if it was upsetting her stomach though why it would and the regular wouldn't?

Larissa Akers 1 child; United States 79 posts
17th Mar

I just had my son on the 3rd. A family friend told me he should be eating up to 3 oz every feeding, but when pull the bottle away it seems like he is still hungry, but when I give him anymore he spits up. How can I tell when he's full?

jakesbabymama8992 1 child; enoree, SC, United States 590 posts
11th Apr

i prefer gerber goodstart gentle when it comes to formula thats what i been usin since mine and my hubbys bundle of joy got here and she loves it.

Alison79 Due September 30; Japan 30 posts
27th Jun

My son tolerates Gerber really well. I don't know if there is a "one size fits all" but this one is fine.