Why is she doing this, choking self ?? Danu ♥ 3 2 kids; Phx, Az, United States 6440 posts
28th Mar '10

My almost 1 year old keeps sticking her fingers in her mouthto the point where she coughs and almost chokes. WHY is she doing this? We tap her hand, tell her no (and she knows what no means) but still she does it.

nnnnn Virginia 2341 posts
28th Mar '10

Just exploring. My son did it, too -- and only stopped when we stopped making a big deal out of it. When we ignored it, he stopped almost immediately.

Brittany32566 Due October 19; 1 child; Florida 2705 posts
28th Mar '10

no idea my neices both did it at that age they would gag their selves and almost puke. its not a fun stage.

♥MyM&Ms 3 kids; Wichita, Kansas 35500 posts
28th Mar '10

My 6 month old does it now and then looks at me as if I did it. drives me crazy

Danu ♥ 3 2 kids; Phx, Az, United States 6440 posts
28th Mar '10
Quoting jnpsmomplus1:
♥ Dizzy Lizzy ϖ TTC since Dec 2010; 2 kids; Connecticut 38424 posts
28th Mar '10

Attention. Aubrey will cough when she is eating, almost like choking, she sees me react and sticks her finger down her throat to get the same reaction. It happens, just ignore it and she will get bored.

amymarie. 1 child; Maryland 47291 posts
status 28th Mar '10

it's completely normal.

toadling81 18 kids; North Sullivan, Maine 892 posts
28th Mar '10

My 2 year old still does it sometimes :roll:
Totally normal! He's doing it more right now as his last molars are bothering him.

BG BREAK 17 kids; Colorado 20504 posts
28th Mar '10

my son did that when he was getting new teeth back there. i think he was trying to touch his new teeth..:)

Max Headroom California 2382 posts
28th Mar '10

I posted this same thing once. It's scary. And gross. :) But normal.