How many teeth does your 9 month old have? abcde 10877 posts
18th May '10

and how many did they get by a year?

LindseyRae! 1 child; Florida 7070 posts
18th May '10

Cameron is 10 months and he has 2.

Dom&Viv'sMommy! 2 kids; La Villa, Texas 6343 posts
18th May '10

my son is 10 months and just recently cut his bottom 2 teeth.

what?!// 2 kids; Dildo, 252 posts
18th May '10

My daughter had two lower teeth at that month. By 12 she had at least 4 or 5 including her bucky teeth

24K LEMONADE TTC since Dec 2010; 4 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 45754 posts
18th May '10

Sam's just shy of 10 months, and he's cutting #5 and #6.

homes cool 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 60838 posts
status 18th May '10

Mine had zero. She had two by 12 months.

July2009Mommy 17 kids; Idaho 1373 posts
18th May '10

My 9 month old has the two bottom ones completely in..the two top middle ones almost all the way in..and the two on the sides of the top middle ones a little bit in.
If that makes sense? :)

WINK* Due December 1; 2 kids; Mobile, Alabama 2625 posts
18th May '10

Brady had eight at nine months. All four top fronts and all four bottom fronts. He will be one on the 31st and now he has both of his bottom teeth coming in on either side of the four fronts. So by one he will have 10 teeth.

Stina B Due November 15; 1 child; Minnesota 348 posts
18th May '10

kaylin got her first one at 7 months and the other one a week later and hasnt got anymore since so she has 2

*Daysha* 2 kids; Norman, Oklahoma 3674 posts
18th May '10

Tate is 10 months & has 7 working on cutting his 8th.

user banned 1 child; Minneapolis, Minnesota 4507 posts
18th May '10
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FLsunshine 2 kids; Lakeland, Florida 1207 posts
18th May '10

My son had 8 teeth by 9 months and has the same number at 11.

abcde 10877 posts
18th May '10
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4 little monsters 4 kids; Kentucky 1155 posts
18th May '10

my son didn't get teeth till he was 14 months and still only had 4 teeth at 18 months he's 3 now and is jus now cutting his molars

Jess ♥ Adrien 2 kids; Colorado 646 posts
18th May '10

Adrien is 9 months, has 4 teeth and another 1 coming in..