Our Twins born at 32 weeks ~Andrea~ 7 kids; Wyoming 120 posts
18th May '10

Hi everyone, just wanted to stop in and say hi. I had a set of twins on the 15th of May born at 32 weeks. They are doing very well and seem to be making good progress. Addison was 4lbs 8oz and Andrew was 4lbs 7oz... here's a pic or two. Thanks for looking and best of luck to all parents out there with their newborns!

Andrew trying to take a bottle

Addison sleepy under the bili lights
I would love to have some other parents out there to chat with, so PT me if you'd like... Thanks!

3 Men and a Crazy Lady 2 kids; Washington 4402 posts
18th May '10

Congrats! Beautiful babies

☮LoveAndSerenity 1 child; Kenosha, Wisconsin 52409 posts
18th May '10


MamaLissa 1 child; Iowa 11770 posts
18th May '10

They are beautiful. Congrats :)

ScarlettsMommy :] 1 child; Bronx, New York 1924 posts
18th May '10

Congrats God bless them ! :)

*Proud Lesbian Mommy* MAM 5 kids; New York 16715 posts
18th May '10

awww congrats. Its plenty of us twin mommys on here.

☆stumbleine ☆ 4 kids; d***o, 12138 posts
18th May '10

Congrats! Nice sizes. My twins had TTTS and at 35 weeks the donor twin was only 3 pounds.

*Mellow* 3 kids; York, Pennsylvania 17689 posts
18th May '10

Cute & congrats! My twins were born at 33 weeks and were 4lb2oz and 4lb9oz. They're bouncing six year olds now!!!

~Andrea~ 7 kids; Wyoming 120 posts
18th May '10

Yes we were very surprised at their size, I expected at least a pound less. We're very thankful that they are as big as they are! :D

amymarie. 1 child; Maryland 47320 posts
18th May '10

so cute!
congrars :D

melanie-mommy of 2 3 kids; Mifflintown, Pennsylvania 4689 posts
18th May '10

awww...they are sooo cute!!! i'd LOVE to have twins..especially boy/girl twins. congrats!!! love your names.

Rebecca Lacy 1 child; Utah 3304 posts
18th May '10

Aww congrats!!

Amanda [1+Twins] 3 kids; Arkansas 6798 posts
18th May '10

Congrats mama! You did an amazing job baking them as long as you could!

They are precious. :D

parkersmommy+twins 3 kids; Alabama 2699 posts
18th May '10

Sooo sweet! Congrats!

kke 2 kids; Saginaw, Michigan 9 posts
18th May '10

Congrats! I had my twins at 31 weeks and they were 3lb6oz and 4lb2oz. They will be 1 on June 8th and doing great.