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6th Dec

hey! I am 26 years old and I am a plus size woman and pregnant july 2nd with my second child! my husband and I are excited and really hope this baby is a girl since we have a 5 year old little boy! Just hoping for a healthy baby and safe delivery when it's time!

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21st Dec

I'm 245lbs and baby #4 I was going to the gym when this blessing happened.

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26th Dec

Quoting carmenona:

Is there any plus size moms to be out there that would like to share there concerns? This will be my second pregnancy being plus size. Of course I would like to be of normal size but I am not so I have to deal. I have a 13 month old baby girl and now I am in my 6th week of this pregnancy. Husband and I are very excited and are hoping for a boy but will be fine with whatever God blesses us with. His family does not have a grandson to keep the name going so they are pushing for a boy.

I had just started to loose weight when we found out I was pregers. :roll: I was so hoping to have lost some real weight before I went for round 2. I would actually like to have a chance to really look pregnant.


Carmen.  I'm Christina.  I was actually very plus sized and had a gastric bypass July 1, 2013. I didn't think I could have kids because of my weight and a number of other issues like hormones.  Exactly 1 year later July 4, 2014, i conceived despite birth control,  condoms and 1 ovary.  I was 248. I had a really rough first 4 months and my guy want supportive . Stress and morning sickness I dropped to 233 and ive been stuck there since. I'm 27 weeks and haven't gained any weight.  I got a lot of negative comments from folks saying that I didn't look pregnant yet, etc. They were hurtful to the point where I didn't think I was pregnant anymore.  But here I am at almost 7 mos and you know what.  I don't care anymore about what people see. It's about what I feel.  My little guy moves around and he's playful and stubborn.  Once I started focusing on getting to know him. talking, singing,  playing,  dancing, etc. I realized I didn't care about how I looked anymore.  Sure everyone wants that attention that pregnant women get but if it doesn't happen it doesn't matter. I learned to look at this from a different perspective and now when i look at myself I see a pregnant woman,  a mom.... not some fat lady that I used to see when I looked at me.  You will be ok. Everyone's pregnancy is different.  Everyone's bodies are different and that's ok. Smile love and congrats on your baby.  I will pray for a boy.  2015 seems to be full of them for some reason.  So im sure your getting your wish. Good luck

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7th Jan

4th time mom 1st time on the plus size pregnant.... I loved the fact that my husband loves me (his humor) through thick n thin. Anyway I hate my body its not bc I am big its bc I dont know what side is growing first my stomach dropped and my thighs hurt I feel like I cant breath. I know I am not suppose to loose weight but I don't want to gain anymore lol I know this sounds silly but I can see myself growing.  12 weeks prego.

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6 days ago

Quoting MerryDeath:
Did anyone get a weight gain cap from their doctor???
I went to my 1st appointment on Tuesday, and got my first US. I go back in 2 weeks for another one, and then I get another one 2 weeks after that. (this doctor says I'll get them once a month after that) I was really annoyed to discover that I have gained 4 lbs, and the doctor told me I have to lose it quick. She has set a weight gain of 10-15lbs for me. NO MORE.
No soda (not even ginger ale) No bread or pasta (not even crackers....) and limited- NO refined sugars. I am dying from the morning sickness... I mean, I wake up in the middle of the night to puke or dry heave... I'm siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. I'm up right now because of it. WHAT DO I DO? HOW DO I GET MY BODY UNDER CONTROL WITHOUT THE AID OF GINGER ALE AND CRACKERS?
I feel like death. Truly...
Has anyone else had this kind of a diagnosis?
I mean, I'm a big girl, don't get me wrong... I'm 5'10 250 lbs, and I don't want to gain lots more weight, but how do you stop the feeling like death when you can't eat to make it better?!

BTW, sorry i didn't post sooner... something had happened to my screen name, but its back now :)

Lemons always seemed to help with my nausea. Also talk to your doctor about emetrol as well. Gum and peppermint are good also. I hope you feel better!

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5 days ago

I'm 5'2 at 220 before pregancy I've tried to eat healthy this pregnancy not gain too much my goal was no more than 16 pounds now at 31 weeks my weight 226.. if you really want you can do it to at least maintain your weight.. but don't put yourself on a strict diet and face it your going to crave its all about portioning your food really..