Britiany + 2 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Tacoma, Washington 5151 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding this mama for the resins I bought from her. Love them!! :)

And this mama for the bow I bought from her :)

♥Heather♥ Due July 29; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Great Lakes, IL, United States 26766 posts
19th Jul '10
Quoting Megan♥:
JLS and JDS's mom ~GDS~ 2 kids; Mesa, Arizona 5714 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding Trisha Trisha-Mom of 3 for some baby legs I bought. She shipped them fast and the price was very great! I love doing business with her. She never lets me down! Thanks Trisha!

Stephanie ☀ Emmett TTC since Aug 2013; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Columbia, CT, United States 5911 posts
status 19th Jul '10
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ProudGAMama 3 kids; Georgia 6884 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding Shannon for some resell bows!!! They are beautiful! She even gave me a free tux bow. Very fast shipping. I look forward to buying from her in the future.

I♥Em&Gugga 2 kids; Evansville, Indiana 27744 posts
19th Jul '10
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Adriel Maurice © TTC since Sep 2010; 1 child; North Kingstown, Rhode Island 6311 posts
19th Jul '10

I'm not sure if we add trades here but if so I'm adding Veronica we traded some stuff and she sent me a brand nwt outfit super fast!!

iVANS MAMA 2 kids; California 1814 posts
19th Jul '10

adding alyssa!!!i love her.she sent me the cutest stuff for a trade.i love her business lol shes the best

res.ree LOLCATJSSTCTBAG TTC since Sep 2002; 3 kids; Nimrod, Montana 31617 posts
19th Jul '10

I bought 4 GDiapers from Sammie Jay

☮[The Mrs.] FJB Due December 4; 3 kids; North Carolina 14335 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding iVANS MAMA, she gave me great stuff for a great price and it go to me so fast, I will definitely be a returning buyer soon!

♥Momma DUS ♥ 34 kids; 2 angel babies; Florida 7558 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding Mitzy She made Leliai a really adorable bow holder and threw in a free bow.... :)

Hold Fast♥ 2 kids; Paris, France 389 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding this Momma
Great Adidas for awesome price!

Little Tooter Due October 27; 1 child; Louisiana 1137 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding Sou bought a purse from her, got it super fast and LOVE it!!! Thanks girl! *hugs*

Redemption [MD] 1 child; Lao People's Democratic Republic 26297 posts
19th Jul '10
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user banned Due August 21; 2 kids; Forks, Washington 66233 posts
19th Jul '10

Adding: Ashley

for the M2MG popsicle bow! We got it super fast and I can't wait for Mia to wear it tomorrow!! Thank you, Ashley!