3 kids; nowhere, ca, United States 46959 posts
30th Jul '10

I think she is in here a billion times but adding Booperelli,
got my tests today (maybe yesterday)

Harley's Mama 1 child; Phoenix, Arizona 1011 posts
31st Jul '10

Adding MommyCaroline we did a swap for a SCC. The SCC is just beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

MommyCaroline 1 child; California 19978 posts
31st Jul '10
Quoting Harley's Mama:
Mamanista. Due September 30; 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 20962 posts
31st Jul '10

Just wanna add Suzy (Brightside Boutique). I ordered a ring from her and she got it to me sooo quick. Looove her to death, she's the best seller <3

jvnfskjlgadfueaklnczkl 2 kids; Virginia 53835 posts
31st Jul '10

Adding Katie, Conners Mommy. I orders some NWT clothes from her and they arrived quickly and exactly as described!

Letha ❥ Ally+1more 2 kids; Florida 23669 posts
31st Jul '10

Super fast shipping, a great deal, and the dresses I bought were exactly as she described.

I bought a Bum Genius and Dreameze diaper from her. Shipped fast, in great condition.

She sold me 3 Smartipants pocket diapers at a great price! They were all in excellent condition, as promised.


Brightside 2 kids; Bald Knob, Arkansas 58130 posts
31st Jul '10
Quoting Mamanista.:
ღSheila Lynnღ 3 kids; Weed, California 47383 posts
31st Jul '10
Quoting Letha ❥ Ally{BFT}:
ChiaPetsMom {TJB} 33 kids; Clackamas, Oregon 39566 posts
31st Jul '10

Adding this mama I bought a hoodie for logan, got it really quick and its in great shape! Very cute! Thank you!

Little Bug's Momma 18 kids; North Carolina 5559 posts
31st Jul '10

adding carly:

i bought a cpl pieces of baby clothing form her, she shipped fast, the clothing was in excellant condition, and she even worked with me on the price!
AAANNNNNDDD she even thru in the CUTEST FLIPPIN' clothes EVER! as a gift :)

i am very happy with my purchase.. she is my favorite that ive bought from so far( and ive bought from alot of mamas)
i will certainly be buying from her in the future!

BG World is Mine- WCH Due December 31; Texas 0 posts
31st Jul '10
Quoting Sarah*loves*Jace:“ Also adding Kayla I bought a shirt from her for my LO and she shipped super quick! Thanks again!”

Thanks love.. happy you liked it :)

rachelle&quinntinstone 1 child; Oceano, California 3185 posts
31st Jul '10

the stuff i ordered from her was perfect condition! and she gave me a GREAT deal for it all!
love it!

unknown............. Donald, Oregon 1657 posts
31st Jul '10

Adding Carly bought a shirt that was like brand new for super cheap! Thanks again!!

Also Adding Deserae got some cute clothes from her she also sent an extra shirt :) Thanks mama!

user banned Due August 21; 2 kids; Forks, Washington 66233 posts
31st Jul '10


For bows! She replaced a bow that DH washed and ruiend as well as added in a few extras <3
Thank you!

Sunshine0302 1 child; North Carolina 4777 posts
31st Jul '10

I'm adding
Mommy of 2 + 1 Angel
Super fast shipping and very reasonably priced.
Thanks mama!