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Oct 1st '10
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Oct 2nd '10

Adding Kari

For these boots!
40136_479296606412_606101412_7404357_512and a dress :D

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Oct 2nd '10

Adding ))Stevie((

I bought some clothes off her for Brayden for a awesome price!

courtney ♡ 2 kids; Washington 16705 posts
Oct 2nd '10

Adding Megglez

bought a shirt from her for my son.
great price and fast shipping.
thanks meg!

Sunshine [OGCNL] 2 kids; SUNLAND, California 31228 posts
Oct 2nd '10

Adding !!
She sent me some gorgeous baby girl clothes at a great price and they got here quick and in great shape! Love her :D

★ALEXANDRA ★ 2 kids; Houston, Texas 7202 posts
Oct 2nd '10
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Sunshine [OGCNL] 2 kids; SUNLAND, California 31228 posts
Oct 2nd '10
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Oct 2nd '10

I wanna list PoPo

I order clothes from her she shipped them yesterday and they were here today :) she even thru in extra stuff..she's awesome :D

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Oct 2nd '10

Want to add keisha I won her giveaway for free bows and recieved them today..... I loved them :) Thanks mama :)

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Oct 2nd '10
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Oct 2nd '10

courtney (MyJerks) for great jordans as always (:

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Oct 2nd '10

I want to add Mary((BMM))
I ordered from her and she was super awesome! Kept in great contact and I adore the bows I received! She is great and I can't wait to order more!!

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Oct 2nd '10

Adding Keisha! Big bad ol' Keisha

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Oct 2nd '10
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Oct 2nd '10

I would like to add Jai. *This is an unusal add, but she deserves to be recognized for it.* <3

Well I bought a pair of sneakers, outfit, and a onesie from her, and she shipped it very quickly, but I didn't get it, b/c it was delivered to the wrong address. It was NOT her error at all, b/c she mailed it to the right address, the post office screwed up big time! I told Jai about it and she told me to keep her updated about it. So I called the post office and filed a lost package claim and gave them the delivery confirmation number. Well they closed the case b/c I did NOT have insurance on the package, and as far as they were concerned, the package was delivered, so it was out of their hands. I went back to Jai and let her know that the case was closed and the post office would NOT do anything about it, so she offered me a partial refund WITHOUT me even asking.

She did NOT have to refund me, b/c she did mail the package and the delivery confirmation confirmed that the package was delivered. It was NOT even her fault. It feels good to know that BG still have excellent sellers with excellent customer service skills like Jai! Anyway, she is an excellent seller, b/c all of this happened BEFORE the new selling policy on BG, so she did not have to do anything, but she did. I truly appreciate her and I will be a loyal customer to her. I know that there is alot of bullshit with selling on BG, so I wanted to share my good buying experience on BG. She lost out on money and so did I, but out of the kindness of her heart, she still refunded me half, even though she did not have to at all.

Seriously she is a good seller, give her a try ladies! She went above and beyond excellent customer service! I am truly amazed! <3