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Nov 4th '10
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Halpert Due January 9 (boy); 3 kids; Salem, OH, United States 34947 posts
Nov 4th '10

Alina Naydine☆

I bought a super cute bow from her and It got here super fast. Thanks!

Alina Naydine☆ Due December 14 (girl); 17 kids; Vista, California 17772 posts
Nov 4th '10
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Likeursoperfect [CNL] 2 kids; Gardnerville, Nevada 10260 posts
Nov 4th '10

Just wanted to add this member.

I bought a shirt from her last week. I got it yesterday and it's in great condition. Shipping was a little slow, but that is shipping lately, not her fault. I am fully satisfied and would gladly buy from her again!

Maryjo* 2 kids; Winters, Texas 5523 posts
Nov 4th '10

Adding this mama for some awesome baby legs she made me!! Thanks mama!!!

savannuhhh. 2 kids; Gaithersburg, Maryland 15755 posts
Nov 4th '10

Adding Anna!

I bought some NIB mama's boots from her and they're awesome. She shipped super fast and gave me a great deal. :D

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Nov 4th '10
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courtney ♡ 2 kids; Washington 16705 posts
Nov 4th '10

Adding Momma Kat ♥

I bought some boys clothes from her.
Great prices and fast shipping.
She is an awesome seller, and I will definately buy from her again!
Thanks Kat!

lid'l mama 1 child; Louisville, Kentucky 6552 posts
Nov 4th '10
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Nov 4th '10
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Nov 4th '10

I wanna add this mama:
she gave me a really great price and shipped super fast!!!

Mommy of one~! 1 child; Asheboro, North Carolina 2 posts
Nov 4th '10

I want to add this mama.... AGAIN! :D :D :D!!

I bought some bows from her at a super cheap price and they are super cute!!

Ph♥ Flyer8784 1 child; Mount Dora, Florida 5591 posts
Nov 4th '10

I would like to add:
Got a pair of lowtop black converse from her, super fast shipping and they are absolutely adorable on Peanut! Plus a GREAT price!

also like to add:
Delilah Isabella
Bought 2 shirts from her, she has wonderful customer service, one of the shirts was already sold she let me know ASAP and I picked out a diff shirt instead. Great price and super fast shipping!!

♥Heather♥ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Great Lakes, IL, United States 27363 posts
Nov 4th '10
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Nov 4th '10
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