Heather :] 2 kids; California 9598 posts
Nov 20th '10

Adding for two diaper covers. Excellent condition, awesome deal. I really appreciate it!!

Heather :] 2 kids; California 9598 posts
Nov 20th '10

Adding Mary for bow supplies. Always a wonderful experience buying from her. Thank you!

Megan♥ 2 kids; Indiana 2693 posts
Nov 20th '10

I am adding a few people that I have recently purchased from.....

Thank you so much for the block! They are so cute, I love them and will be ordering more! Great customer service and fast shipping!

As always wonderful to buy my new eye shadow:) Thank you!

She should really be in here a few times because I have been slacking her bows, they are always perfect! Thanks!

Sammie Jay
Ordered an M2M bow and a very cute satin flower clip, love them both! Thanks!

Fast love love the vintage headband I ordered! Thanks!

I think that's it for now!

user banned 2 kids; Fort d**k, 48957 posts
Nov 20th '10
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Nov 20th '10
Quoting Megan♥:
Gianna'z Mommy 1 child; Des Plaines, Illinois 1822 posts
Nov 20th '10

I want to add Keisha.. I was one of the winners in the October Bow giveaway and got my bows today and i'm in LOVE with them!!!

Thanks again Keisha

Ravey Candyass 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Boston, Massachusetts 107507 posts
status Nov 20th '10

for her super tiny amazing bows! Fast shipping, perfect, and soooo tiny. I love them and will definately order more.

Taylor ♥ 1 child; Pennsylvania 1308 posts
Nov 20th '10

Adding Mindy :)
Super fast shipping, and BEAUTIFUL bow!!! I loveeee it :D

Thanks Mindy!

*MOMMY3* Houston, Texas 2502 posts
Nov 20th '10


for great items and fast shipping thanks

So Delicious Bows 2 kids; Hawaii 15954 posts
Nov 20th '10
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[shawna] 2 kids; Waco, Texas 7924 posts
Nov 20th '10
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Made in China 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Texas 6822 posts
Nov 20th '10

Adding CountryMomma!

She has such a gernerous heart and I couldn't thank her enough :D

[a❤ k&m] 2 kids; Iowa 6968 posts
Nov 20th '10
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CountryMommy 18 kids; Marshall, Texas 4537 posts
Nov 20th '10
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Nov 20th '10

I am adding Katie for making me a great baby shower invitation! Not only did she make me what I paid for in English, she went back & re-did it in Spanish for my friend and told me it was no problem. Her work is wonderful, & she made everything quickly.
Thank you Katie!!!