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11th Dec '10

I would like to add Daisy!

I ordered custom over the top bows from Daisy, and I LOVE them! She kept me updated throughout the entire ordering process. She has excellent customer service skills! Her turnaround time was quick and she shipped fast! She is an excellent bow maker and seller! I definitely enjoyed ordering from her! She took my vision and made it real! I am definitely happy with her bow creations! I will definitely become a loyal customer to Daisy!

Here are my over the top bows she made! IMG_2120.jpg

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11th Dec '10
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11th Dec '10

Want to add

I purchased 40bows and 3 onesis, Everything arrived in less then a week.. All perfect condition and very pretty!!

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11th Dec '10
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11th Dec '10
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11th Dec '10

I want to add Sugar Momma

Hat was very well made, she worked with me to make it custom and exactly what I wanted, and shipped very quickly! Thanks again!!!!

Mrs.Rachael +2.5 Due November 28 (girl); 18 kids; Shreveport, Louisiana 10326 posts
11th Dec '10

Also adding Rachel

she made a beautiful santa hat for my little guy, incredibly fast shipping, and always a pleasure to work with. Thanks again Rach!

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11th Dec '10

Id Like to add

I got my new Taggie in the mail! I won it from a contest this mama did on here. add her buisness on face book too!%2Fthebloomingcocoon&post_id=35623477

And even though I did not pay for it, she did not skip on the quality. I belive she treated me like any other paying costomer. The whole taggie is excelently made, and the tags excelently sewn. My daughter loves it! she likes feeling the different textures. I know I probably sound like an advertising hag and I kinda am being one but I really wanted to share it. =)

This is the full taggie


and these are some pics with ari and her taggie

157069_183587604992127_100000226670995_7 156636_183587624992125_100000226670995_7155710_183587651658789_100000226670995_7

For those of you who don't know what taggies are

"Created by an early childhood educator and mom, Taggies are based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub satin edges, clothing labels and tags. We watched our own kids do this, like yours, and came up with the idea of Taggies. Focused on the

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11th Dec '10

Adding: Monkey'sMommy[+babygirl]
She had a bow sale, and I ordered some bows. She made them fast, and they are perfect! I love them!

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11th Dec '10

Adding: Annalis mommy
I bought a Gymboree swimsuit from her and she shipped fast, and gave me a good price!! Such a sweet mama! ANDDDD, I looove the swimsuit! It's adorable!

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11th Dec '10

Adding a wonderful seller!!!
Morgkaemadismom is fabulous!

Super fast shipping and did a greaaat job on my entire order!!!

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11th Dec '10
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11th Dec '10

Adding Roxana Bought a Gap shirt and was shipped very quickly. Will continue to buy from her :)

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11th Dec '10
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12th Dec '10
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