still spitting up at 1 year old?!? Chandler's Mommy 1 child; Pennsylvania 7282 posts
1st Jul '10

my almost 1 year old STILL spits up on a daily basis. it's never much more than when he was a tiny baby. but it's concerning... i'm going to be talking to his doctor about this at his one year. unless it gets worse it seems that in the past week or so especially it's gotten more frequent. has anyone else had this experience? what did it turn out to be? does it go away? should i be more concerned?

Rette Mich 1 child; Texas 27609 posts
1st Jul '10

Have your ever had him checked for AR? Thats what it sounds like to me.

Momlette of 3 Due December 25 (girl); 3 kids; Ohio 25633 posts
status 1st Jul '10
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Amanda [1+Twins] 3 kids; Arkansas 6798 posts
1st Jul '10
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Chandler's Mommy 1 child; Pennsylvania 7282 posts
1st Jul '10

he AR when he was really little but the spit ups stopped completely around 8 months. but maybe i need to get him checked again. makes sense i have severe GERD and so does my mom. maybe it's genetic? i've also notice he grunts A LOT. just this constant uuurrrrrrggggghhhhh!

WTFno Due October 5; 3 kids; Ohio 2739 posts
1st Jul '10

My son spit up until 13 or 14 months. Whenever he was on cows milk and fully adjusted to it, he stopped spitting up.