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5th Jul '10
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5th Jul '10

Wow Nicole havnt talked to u in agers. Im sure u can tell but u asked who was pregant again, well i am, im due Dec 13th! Also i was still Breastfeeding up untill a month ago, i wanted to let my body have a rest before i have bub in December, but Alphonse still askes for boobie sometimes.

Kristen Eli is so cute!

Love all the pics ladies, tho not all of them are loading cause im on dial up speed at the moment cause shannon used up all the download time :( so i will update pics when the net resets next sunday.

Update on me for all of u who dont know. Like i said im pregnant again, 17 weeks now, herd bubs heart beat twice now, have a gender scan next wednesday but sorry ladies were not telling anyone :P. Alphonse is 17 months, gets his 18 month needles next month. He does just about everything apart from sleep when i want him to :(
Me and shannon are still planning our wedding for November hopefully (tho ill be big and fat...:P ) but havnt decided on much yet.
and thats about it. Like i said ill post pics when the net is faster.

Valisa {J.M.M.} 34 kids; Yreka, California 2042 posts
5th Jul '10

Wow! Who knew everyone would be so eager to pop back on here? :D That makes me happy!
And btw - if you girls are concerned about the privacy... There was an option when I was creating the OP to make it visible to my PT only... Soooo is that a concern? Its not really to me, but if it is to anyone else, I could always go back and see if I can make that change... Just let me know :) oh - and if thats the case - everyone needs to make sure to PT me :)
Kristy.. Um YES :) You HAVE been quite the picture wh**e :) But its ok.. Nicholas is fun to look at ;) And Brooke is a little artsy fartsy too... she hearts painting.. we did a touch of finger painting when we did Gar's father's day mug... I think Nicholas would like finger painting :)
Jojo.. Sucks you'll be without internet for a while... but that just means more time with Aeris while shes still an only child :) And thank you so much.. again.. for being such a promoter of my Dear Brooke stuff. :) I'll get a website up soon I think... I'm trying to focus on my Photography right now and getting that prepared to share with people... so as soon as I have my blog rolling and running smoothly with that - I'll work on getting a website for DearBrooke stuff that people an actually buy things from :)
AND, I love Aeris' little red piggys!!
Kristen.. I was gonna just skip over you because I didn't have much to reply to your first post, then I saw your second post, and I couldn't help but tell you - my SIL's name is Aubrey and shes awesome :) ooh - and I love the pic of eli being thrown in the pool :) too cute :D
Amanda! Bwah haha you make me LAUGH FOR REAL!!! *in a little high mocking voice* :roll: "Drama? what Drama" hehe And of course you love me!! Who doesn't?? ;) oooh, and btw - Jude and Hazel are my BFFS
Nicole: my word!! landin is a big boy!! He doesn't look that big in pictures.. but I guess i just forget how young he is.. so mabye thats why :) Hopefully its nothin to worry about and he'll "level out" as other boys start their growth spurts! I'm surprised you are still BFing.. I remember for a while you were getting frustrated with your night time companion stuck to you :) hehe.
Brooke stopped... completely - a while ago. and she still points at them and tells me milk! so a few weeks ago i asked her when she did that if she wanted some, she said yes - she tried... just sat there.. and then let go and looked at me and said "wike" while shaking her head no... which means "i dont like that" hahaha :)
Lani! You're gonna keep the gender a secret but YOU'RE gonna know?? Ugghhh thats meeeeeeeeeaaaaaaannn!!

uuhh.. I'll post some 4th pics of Brooke.. I gotta get them on FB first though so I have somewhere to link from :)

Oh yes - and ROSE, where are your recent photo shoot photos woooommmaaannn!!!??

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6th Jul '10

Yeah I guess we were just waiting for you to start this thread...teehee....just kidding! Anyways! I'm glad everyone is coming back.. I have missed you all... Really!! Love all the photo shares! :)

About Jayley's photoshoot.. I didn't do it.. I was trying to tell you Valisa.. but I got sidetracked.. remember when we were talking about bad customer service??? Anyways, I was asking the lady for this specific fabric and it was up on the top which I'd need a ladder for otherwise I would've climbed up there and gotten it.. I asked her could she tell me the price of it.. I wasn't going to get it if it wasn't in my budget.. she's like.. "well, it'll be the same as all the others ones on the bottom".. WTF! Seriously!? SOOOO... needless to say.. i didn't get it.. I hate customer service here in MD... it sucks.. yep Amanda... No southern hospitality!! hahahaha... Valisa!!!! How come you always have to go on Skype!! It's me huh!? :( You don't want to chat with me.... :( booo.. ah well... lol...

Nicole.. your still breastfeeding too?? You and Kristy :) Go you two.. Jayley stopped when she turned 12months.. But I was glad to have made it that far.. considering all the complaining I was doing in the beginning trying to get her to latch properly... :) Glad to have you back! :)

Amanda- HI!

Krissy- Glad to have you back too!! :) I was following along with your picture posting on FB...hahaha.. :)

Kristen, Jojo, Lani- I got you gals on FB! :) but yay for the reunion! hehe

All you preggos! Makes me wish I was ...........hmmmm... later on... :) okay... just wanted to chime in again... I'm up working on a PDF file for inquiries to my photo page... :) Those of you who missed it.. :) Here's my photography page!! and my fb fan page! Like if you will! :) awesome possum.. Love having you all back!

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6th Jul '10
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6th Jul '10

This is good, I miss BG, I don't come on much though, when I do though, I miss our thread though, especially when I happen across other threads with 2000 pgs & they are all close & chatty. Good thinkin Valisa :)

Kristy Nicholas is a little gem, he is so cute & looks like a smart little man. No hard feelings from me, just throwing that out there. Good luck on the trying but not trying for another bubba :)

Rose Maybe this way we'll get to chat more! I have you on my facebook but we seldom chat :( I do love all your photos though & Jayley is like your mini me, she's so precious :)

Jojo That's awesome about Dan's new job, I must have missed ur facebook update or JMM update but I did read a thread of yours on here & as always Aeris is a cutie patootie! Can't wait to meet little Konner! The price of circumcision was one of the reasons that Ayden wasn't circ'd, well that & the fact I watched "Penn & Teller's: Bullshit" episode on it & decided it wasn't for me.

Kirklebot (aka Kristen) Glad to hear Eli is awesome & everything is swell for you, you've been updating your statuses with food lately & it makes me hungry, so stop it! Eli is totally gorgeous as well & so is your bumpy bump!

Amanda I haven't spoken to you properly for what feels like years. So get on MSN one day!! Jude & Hazy are awesome & cute as always :)

Nicoleeeeeee! Herro! I haven't spoken to you for like months! What a big boy you have! I'm sure he's just built to be a big, strong baby boy. Unless you are worried because you had sex with a giant or something hahaha totally kidding. My friend's little boy is only 4mths older than Ayden & he already outweighs him, I don't think Ayden will ever catch up! Little squirt.

Lani You suck for not telling what the baby is when you find out, I wanna knowwwww, I swear I won't tell a soul! Please, please, pleeeeeease! Oh I spoke to my friend about what we were messaging about awhile ago & she thinks using that name is awesome & that you totally should, she said she wouldn't care one bit, are you still liking it? You're getting married too?! That's so awesome! I wish I had monies to come visit you, we're only a state away but its such a big distance :(

Most of these pics are already on my facebook, Ayden is a turd & won't pose for the camera, he prefers to be the one taking the photos, not being in them lol.


Ayden & his Uncle DJ having snuggles


Being a poser


Playing at his great grandma's with his puppy Diesel.
Ayden being artistic, crayons are still too hard for him to use, he can't press hard enough
But then we end up eating the markers, luckily I bought non-toxic ones lol


Pulling faces on the glass doors
In Brock's bouncy chair, he thinks its for him.
After his hair cut.

Well that's enough from me, Simon is telling me to get my butt in the shower so we can take the car to his parent's so we can clean it all up because we are getting a new one on Thursday hopefully. I will miss my Tilly, but she's using waaaaaaaaay too much fuel so we have to get rid of her :(

Well ladies I look forward to chatting with you all again :) only a few more weeks til I have Brocky boy!


Catch you all later xoxoxo

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6th Jul '10

total dejavu when I was making my coffee this morning and about to check our thread!

Kristen, LFR (for those of you not in the know, LFR is the new LOL. LFR=lauhing for real. as you all know, people who type LOL generally are not LFR...!) It seems like I have asked you that question before. I like both names, they are sweet! and Beau is great too! seriously, all you pregnant people are going to be popping out your babies in NO time!

Lani, I am with the others when I say, awwww man! But, my vote is pink, just becuase :) do you and shannon have a date set yet? just curious :)

Valisa, as always, YOU are the emoticon wh**e! :P but, you know I'm right there with ya! I wish bg had some cool ones like skype. I miss my nerdy glasses! :lol:

Nicole, hi! landon IS a big boy. But, my kids are both big. I would def ask the dr though. Better safe than sorry!

Jojo, I am glad you are getting your pair. Every now and then I get a little pang, like the other day, I found one of Hazels new born socks in a kitchen drawer (dont ask, I have NO idea how it got there) and I showed it to josh and we both had a little grin. I could just imagine a tiny little foot in there! but, I am content with my little family. we are good. i wouldnt have it any other way!

JESS! I know! I am working all week, so ill be on the computer pretty much all log in some time. I have a lot of down time, so entertain me!

Rose, customer service SHOULD always be #1, I hate when people are in the industry that shouldnt be. Makes the rest of us look bad!

Kristy, thanks :) hazy is finally getting to where she will keep her hair up. me = happy!

OK, I need to get ready for work. hope I didnt miss anyone! glad to have everyone together again!!!

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6th Jul '10

You know... I talk on this Dec thread with Lani.. but I just can't get into to it like I can with y'all... I rarely keep up.. and hardly contribute.. they should kick me out... They are great nice ladies.. but they aren't y'all.... I'm horrible I know.. but y'all have been my ladies for 2 years now!!

Jess... Ayden is a ham.. I heart him super much!! We circumcised Eli... and we will if we have future boys... We did a poll among male members of our family and ones that had baby boys.. and their reasons.. did some research too and it fit in with our concerns and beliefs to get him cut... Anywho... You're about ready to pop!! How exciting! The only thing I'm super anxious for is feeling baby move!!

Valisa... glad you like Aubrey!! I do too!!

♥AlwaysJojo J.M.M 3 kids; Poplar, Montana 6484 posts
6th Jul '10

Nicole~ It's good to hear from you! Maybe Landin is just going threw a early growth spurt? But hopefully your Pedi tells you there is nothing to worry about! And good for you for still BFing, I do think I could so I give you and Kristy props. I am going to try BFing again with Konner and pray it works out better then it did with would think since I have such huge b**bs they would hold a lot of milk...:? But none the less I will try try try again! You are going to have to post some pic of your little cuties!

Kristy~ It has flown by, which makes me sad. I can't wait to meet him but he can stay in there until the end and even go a extra few days :) I wouldn't mind one bit!

Kristen~ Eli is forever cute but you know that already! :D I still give you props for not finding out. I couldn't do that.

Lani~ It's okay if you don't tell. We will just have to wait it out like since Kristen isn't finding out any ways...and I hope since you don't want to tell anyone that you are able to hold that secret! :) And wedding in NOV. did I miss this on facebook?? How exciting!

Valisa~ The privacy thing doesn't bug me. So what ever the others think is fine :). Yes it does suck no net. but like you said more time with Aeris and more time to get stuff done! It's pretty nice that I can still move around pretty good even with this big belly to still be able to get things done. :) I just really hope we will get it back one before Konner is here! I LOVE doing her hair I can't wait until it get longer!!

Rose~ I am sorry that you didn't get to do the shoot and I am sorry for that sucky services!

Jess~ The county is pay for all but 200.00 since it's "not needed" But we want him to have it done so we shall pay. Thankfully we don't have to pay at the hospital...they will bill us :D BTW did any of you ladies have your LO's circ'd? And what episode are you talking about?? I heart Ayden!

Amanda~ I don't what you mean about dejavu. It's so hard to believe that it's not Aeris I am pregnant with and talking to you girls that its Konner. :shock: I am happy that I have my pair too :) And I am sure there will be a time that I want another baby but I won't. I couldn't imagine having another girl or boy.

Well, I have nothing new to say just wanted to catch up this morning. I will check back later on.

Have a great day ladies :D

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6th Jul '10
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6th Jul '10
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Valisa {J.M.M.} 34 kids; Yreka, California 2042 posts
6th Jul '10

Ahh! You girls have no idea how happy it makes me that we're BACK! And I can't wait for Helen to get on!! WOMAN where Are you!? I left her a comment about it :)
Rose, I DO remember you saying that you didn't do it... but I had assumed maybe you had fit it in sometime since then :) I have been trying to get my 4th pictures up on FB and I've been having trouble uploading them. Not sure why. Ugh. Oh well.
Do you have any idea how I can put my logo on my pictures now that my photoshop trial is done? I've used Photoscape - but when I do that - the background isn't transparent, and it looks tacky to have a big block on the picture. Is there a way to do it in Lightroom? do you know??

And Lani... Dont feel guilty or anything :) I am just SUPER nosy. But maybe if you tell all of us we can sign something swearing that we wont say anything to you that is gender specific on FB or whatever :) lol Thats just what you need. :)

Jess! So glad you came along :) hehe. I think we'll be extra chatty here again.. its already happening! We're nearing 3 pages already! lol I can't belive Brockamus is going to be here so soon! And I LOVE the picture of Ayden and DJ!! SO CUTE! Do you plan to have your boys grow up calling him UNCLE DJ? ;) so cute. I grew up with my neice and nephew acting more like cousins. My oldest neice is only 2 years younger than me.. but at least I'm still older. I used to always MAKE her call me Aunt Valisa :) lol... but now she does it lovingly :) its so sweet :) I heart her :) and my nephew - bless his sweet little heart, he has always called me Aunt Valisa :) And their little sister too... But they're even younger so it probably feels more natural. :) ANyway - that was random :0


Amanda, when I read your explaination of LFR I actually LFR :) And garrett looked at me and said... "What?" HAHA... I just shook my head and said.. Amanda.. :) HA.. I can't wait till SEPTEMBER!! And you shoosh your mouth about me and my emoticons!! :) You could use this one and pretend its glasses: :shock: it looks kinda nerdy right? ;)

Kristen, I'm glad to hear that you can't really FEEL it on other threads :) lol. I've kinda wondered what I would do... in BG land.. if I was pregnant again.. I'd just so much prefer to talk to you ladies. And when it comes to.. are you experiencing this, or that.. kinda questions - I'd just make a general post and get random thoughts from random people. Thats what I'd do. Yep. nuf said.

Oooh - Jojo.. Aeris' hair IS cute... but when I said piggy's i was referring to her painted toes :) lol

So Brooke is saying "No thank you" now :) and Yes Please.. I love this age where they stage putting words TOGETHER ;) and I think most of you saw the video where she said.. "I wub ew..... da dee" hehe. SO CUTE! :) I heart her. Shes so cute.
She asked for a drink earlier.. and I said, "You want a drink?" *nods yes* "Do you want me to get you some water?" Then she nods yes again.. then says... "yes.. pwease.. mammi... coffee.." LOL!! She wanted my coffee!! lol
Little stinker pot ;)

♥AlwaysJojo J.M.M 3 kids; Poplar, Montana 6484 posts
6th Jul '10

Valisa~ Haha I guess I didn't put two and two together haha. :P Good for Brooke talking so much :D Aeris will only say please if we ask her to. But she seems to have her own little language and not like baby language but she is trying to talk and cant get out what she wants to say so she makes up the rest. It's really funny when she has her pretend phone calls She reminds me of Phoebe off friends when it's the episode of where they would have been when she has the heart attack cause of her job.

♥AlwaysJojo J.M.M 3 kids; Poplar, Montana 6484 posts
6th Jul '10
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Valisa {J.M.M.} 34 kids; Yreka, California 2042 posts
6th Jul '10

I paint brooke's toes sometimes.. I know that challenge that creates.. lol. hehe.. The hardest part for me is making sure they dry before she grabs em :)

Soo my fb pics finally loaded! I know most of you can see them on there, but THought I'd share a couple :)