Pain between shoulder blades xodeflepgirlox 1 child; Jacksonville, North Carolina 69 posts
15th Jul '10

Hey everyone..

I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant and just recently I have been having really bad discomforting pains in between the shoulder blades every time I eat something. The pains will last for hours and nothing seems to help! I also have a feeling where I have to keep burping, but it just wont come out.. so that hurts. I talked to my doctor today about it and she said it sounds like heartburn? So to try Zantac. Well, i've taken two and it hasn't helped.
Wondering if anyone has gone thru this before?

I'm hoping its not my gall bladder or anything more serious. Does anyone have an idea of what else this could be. OR what could POSSIBLY help this pain, because I am soooo hungry, but I just cannot eat. It's way to painful!

NinjaSAPIOSEXUALShahinda 5 kids; Strongsville, Ohio 34460 posts
15th Jul '10

Gall stones. Watch what you eat!!

Mama Rogers 2 kids; Georgia 15187 posts
15th Jul '10

Probably gall bladder attacks. Try to steer away from fatty foods and it should help calm it. I got those a few times while pregnant but they never did find any stones.

♦ Dana 'n Twins 18 kids; 6990 posts
15th Jul '10
Quoting Ninja Shahinda:
FleurDeLys 3 kids; Groton, Massachusetts 9150 posts
15th Jul '10

My gallstone pains were always mainly in front on my chest. I have lately had heart burn that goes all the way back through my shoulder blades. I don't have a gall bladder anymore so I know it can't be that! It's no fun and has kept me up at nights. I wish I had a miracle cure for you but I don't Tums helps for a second and then it comes back. Same thing with pepcide ac.