Sans Foy's Gone Fishing Hughesville, Maryland 44256 posts
21st Nov '07

The quote thing happened again. The post is here:

I hope that helps.

Sans Foy's Gone Fishing Hughesville, Maryland 44256 posts
21st Nov '07

I have a new problem--happened twice today. When I try to add a photo to a post and also click on add to album, I get kicked out of the post after I finish with the photo addition--it brings me to my profile. The post I was working on is then gone, and I don't get the photo in my album to boot. I had to unclick the add to album to get a picture up in the post properly.

This is a new problem, as I was able to add to album and post before.

NINJA BABY 1 child; Colby, Wisconsin 18 posts
4th Jan '08

Hey is there any other way to put photos on here except through a website, cuz i do not have any photos on a website and it would really be a hassle to do that, i wish i could just download them, if i can just let me know how

Mara Due September 27 (girl); 2 kids; San Francisco, California 38964 posts
5th Jan '08
sizzy 3 kids; Florida 237 posts
29th Jan '08

I cannot delete my pic under my profile. I tried to change it now it doesnt show anything but an X can you help?

gresee1022 3 kids; Saratoga Springs, New York 824 posts
30th Jan '08

I have tried several time to change my avatar, but now it won't even give me an option to do so. If I go into my edit profile and then to the section is just shows a box with a big redX, and no options to change or remove the x. Not sure if it is an issue. But wanted to know if there is some way I can fix it thanks in advance


EastonsMom 1 child; Winston-Salem, North Carolina 30765 posts
31st Jan '08

I randomly get asked to sign into MSN chat when I open threads...

I don't have MSN....

nick 1 child; San Francisco, California 1165 posts
3rd Feb '08

The prompt to sign into MSN is an Internet Explorer "feature"...unfortunately. Some members have added their avatars using, and when IE detects that you are trying to view an avatar/image from, then it prompts you to login to your MSN account. Great, huh?

Well, I've removed the avatars that are hosted on and sent out the PM's to explain why I had to do it...

EastonsMom 1 child; Winston-Salem, North Carolina 30765 posts
4th Feb '08

Thanks Nick! I haven't been asked to sign in lately. :) Hopefullyit wont do it anymore...

sara08852 1 child; New Jersey 47 posts
17th Feb '08

Noticing nothing wrong with the website. Just wish the caracters were larger... or would it interfere with the design of the site overall?
Just a thought.

Lizard Queen 3 kids; Delaware 3556 posts
11th Apr '08

Just FYI, Everytime I open BG in Firefox it's a jumbled mess. LOL It looks like the code got messed up or something. I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this but wanted to give ya a heads up anyway! :)

jvnfskjlgadfueaklnczkl 2 kids; Virginia 53835 posts
12th Apr '08

Whenever I go to open a topic everything in the middle of the screen goes white. This happened last night, and this morning. The sidebars and top bars still stay but everything in the center goes white.

Mama♥Breezy 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Los Angeles, California 34988 posts
12th Apr '08

Part of the forum keeps going behind other parts for me. Whenever I click to go any forum, every slides to the right of the page, behind everything else. And the center is fully white. The things on the side, stays the same though.

chachel_02 TTC since Mar 2008; 16 kids; Italy 1509 posts
14th Apr '08

Everytime the Delightful Deliveries banner comes up everything is gone as far as the forums. This gets very annoying as I have sometimes refreshed the page 10 times and the same banner comes up and I cannot read anything. The FAQ box to the right stays up and everything above the banner but nothing else. I posted a forum on this and others are having the some problem.

jvnfskjlgadfueaklnczkl 2 kids; Virginia 53835 posts
14th Apr '08
Quoting Chachel: