KICKING AND SCREAMING 7 Titties :) 2 kids; Beaverton, Oregon 53705 posts
5th Aug '10

K&S 6 is full. Please Flag as Drama and send this to TDC.
These were the established rules of Kicking & Screaming:
You can vent about anything on this topic. Problems at home, in life, or on the board, vent here. Get it all out, but we have 7 rules. So please follow them.

1. Do not name names.
2. Do not link or state the name of a topic, if that's what your vent is about.
3. Do not argue with someone else's vent. They are entitled to it.
4. Do not even quote someones vent. LEAVE it alone! Its their vent, you want to discuss it PM them or go start a topic if you agree (unless its going to cause a ton of drama of course )
5. This is not a hang out or a chat topic! It's to VENT ONLY!
6. And again DO NOT QUOTE OR ARGUE WITH ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOWEVER you will not get ripped up if you do not follow these rules :lol:
Happy Bitching :wink:

Fierce Mama 1 child; Houston, Texas 74725 posts
5th Aug '10

yay the b***h fest continues!

❀Sarah❀ TTC since May 2015; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Cocking, EU, Europe 133577 posts
5th Aug '10

More bitching.......wooo hoo

Nichole+3girls 3 kids; Dayton, Ohio 31307 posts
5th Aug '10

lol im gonna laugh if some n00bs block you from the thread.

Amy {30+} 19 kids; Wisconsin 24541 posts
5th Aug '10

Time to continue bitching

Baby Shaker 18 kids; Florida 6187 posts
5th Aug '10

thank y0o0o0o0o0ou

.|.. Beverly Hills, California 72000 posts
5th Aug '10

lol you REALLY wanted to be the OP of this, huh?

are you blocked from it though? lol

Brittney[♥KLT] 2 kids; Montana 5174 posts
5th Aug '10
Quoting Nichole[27weeks]:
......Redhead......... 19 kids; Mississippi 26624 posts
5th Aug '10

Ha ha!

Titties :) 2 kids; Beaverton, Oregon 53705 posts
5th Aug '10

:sniff sniff:
the last one lasted what... four months?
taking any bets how long THIS will be ?

Bawse Litchfield, NY, United States 76007 posts
status 5th Aug '10

And on that note....I don't wanna go to post today :cry: :cry:

Jagged b***h 14 kids; Elkhart, Indiana 14928 posts
5th Aug '10

why are they blocking you??

Teagan's Mommy☠ Due May 20 (boy); 6 kids; Egypt 31882 posts
5th Aug '10
Quoting Nichole[27weeks]:
The Mad Hatter ♥ 1 child; Ireland 6312 posts
5th Aug '10

Yay f**k the lot of ye!

Fierce Mama 1 child; Houston, Texas 74725 posts
5th Aug '10

woohoo I got one of the lasts post on K&S 6