Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4387 posts
7th Sep '10

Thankyou ladies for the very kind words.. I honestly don't know what I would do without you all! x*x

Momma Dinosaur 1 child; 1 angel baby; Raleigh, NC, United States 712 posts
9th Sep '10

I'm sorry for the loss, and I just know that your baby boy is looking down on you & aaron and still loves you very much. It takes a lot for someone to make a decision like that, and it was all from your heart, and you both wanted to best for your little man. You all are in my prayers, and I wish you the best of luck. If you ever need to talk, I'm here to listen.

Sara+1 18april2012 Due April 17 (girl); Turin, Italy 37 posts
10th Sep '10

i have read all your story :( is very sed, but you and your family are very strong.
i hope to you all the best for the future <3

Kristen&Lighton 49 kids; Iowa 5763 posts
10th Sep '10
Quoting Jenna xx:
Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4387 posts
10th Sep '10

<blockquote><b>Quoting Marryin&Babies2010:</b>“ ok i havent gotten a chance to read it ALL i made it to the point when you told him it was a boy :) ... [snip!] ... she doesnt hurt now. she can dance sing talk walk run jump play feel everything that she couldnt have done. hang in there babe!”</blockquote>

Thanyou honey.. I'm so sorry about your beautiful daughter.. But you are right and I hope she is playing up in heaven with my little man.. I see you are due in may also!:) congrats honey:)

$Angela$ 17 kids; Minnesota 669 posts
10th Sep '10

I am very sorry you had to go through that.You made the decision that you thought was best and a mother just knows.Don't ever beat yourself up over it,it wasn't like you did it out of being selfish or irresponsible like some do.You did it for your son to not suffer and he knows that.He is in heaven with my daughter and they watch out for us each and everyday until we go home to them.Best wishes to you with your future children.

**amandamarie** 133 kids; Colorado Springs, Colorado 2217 posts
11th Sep '10

every loss is so different. I lost my beautiful baby girl to SIDS this past april. She was 5 weeks old.
So I am not going to tell you that i know what you are going through.
I have to say i admire you for your unselfish act of what you did for your son.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful heartbreaking story.
Congrads on your new miracle, i hope and pray this pregnancy goes well for you.
Im expecting in april near the same time i lost my baby girl.
I hope you keep us informed on how you are doing sweetie.

Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4387 posts
12th Sep '10

<blockquote><b>Quoting **amandamarie**:</b>“ every loss is so different. I lost my beautiful baby girl to SIDS this past april. She was 5 weeks old. ... [snip!] ... you. Im expecting in april near the same time i lost my baby girl. I hope you keep us informed on how you are doing sweetie.”</blockquote>

Thankyou honey that is sosweet.. I'm so sorry about your little girl.. I can't even imagine..
How are you feeling about this pregnancy? Xx

**amandamarie** 133 kids; Colorado Springs, Colorado 2217 posts
12th Sep '10
Quoting Jenna xx:
mynameis[[jonas]] + 1 2 kids; Texas 1356 posts
14th Sep '10

I just want to say you are very strong, and almost 2 years ago I was in a similar situation, that I decided to medically terminate.
I got pregnant too soon after my c-section with my son, the baby had implanted on my incision line on my uterus, which I had a major uterine infection and still ended up not being healed, which I didn't know until I got pregnant. At 10 weeks, I got a scan to check to see if the baby had moved up anymore on my uterus and off my incision line, and there were 3 blood clots forming around the embryo and a few inside the sac. At that point my OB said that my uterus was probably too weak to carry the pregnancy full term, and I could choose between terminating, or going on with the pregnancy to wait and see, but if my uterus ruptured, I would show no signs (ie pain), and that I would lose the baby, and possibly my own life.
So I ended up medically terminating at 11 weeks. And it was a very hard decision, and I still feel horrible about it. Like I said it's not the same situation, but I did choose to medically terminate instead of going through with the pregnancy, I was scared of leaving my son motherless.
My nurses were not nice either. It was a very hard emotionally draining experience. And I STILL feel emotionally drained from it sometimes.
But in the end you did what you thought was right, and you are very strong. I will keep your family in my prayers.

*Danielle & Chris* 2 kids; 1 angel baby; West Virginia 88 posts
15th Sep '10

Your story is a very touching story. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! God Bless!

Darby + Knox 33 kids; Iowa 1168 posts
18th Sep '10

First off I offer my condolances. My heart goes out to you. The worst fear in a Mothers eyes is hearing that something will be wrong with thier baby. The decision you made came from pure love. I am so sorry that you had to say good bye to your precious son, but at the same time I know he is in a much better place feeling no pain and dancing on the clouds with friends. Although our stories are much different they share simularities and I know the pain you have felt and are still feeling. May God Bless you and this new miracle you are carrying. I will be praying for you.

user banned 1 child; Virginia 34580 posts
23rd Sep '10

this made me cry.

no one should have to go through this but you and your husband and two of the strongest people I've come across.

I'm so happy you're having twins.

Jennifer ♥ Due October 30 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Washington 5650 posts
status 24th Sep '10

Your story made me cry, im so sorry you had to go through this. Just know your little man knows you love him for what you did so he or you wouldnt suffer ne more.

I'm so HAPPY you are expecting TWINS how exciting! :)

Karlee's Momma♥ TTC since Mar 2014; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Ohio 461 posts
24th Sep '10

Wow Im sorry you had to go through that it must have been very hard! I couldnt even imagine being placed in that situation and have to make that decision.... Soo sorry for your loss!!!