anatomically correct baby dolls knotty and snotty 1 child; Hooker, Oklahoma 13430 posts
Aug 29th '10

I want to get my son these.. because i feel like learning that boys have p***s's and girls have vaginas at an early age is good.. Also i don't think a boy should be told that baby dolls are for girls only...

We went to a childrens museum and he LOVED the babie dolls and those ones were anatomically correct also and that is the reason i want to get these..

does anyone have them? do you know where i can get them? what are you thoughts on this ?

packersgirl + 3 3 kids; Minnesota 26214 posts
Aug 29th '10

I had them when I was little, and I wanna say my grandma ordered them out of one of those catalogs that only old people seem to get, lol

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
Aug 29th '10

they have them at toys r us.

_._._._ 18 kids; London, Ontario 38382 posts
Aug 29th '10

You can get a boy and girl set here

knotty and snotty 1 child; Hooker, Oklahoma 13430 posts
Aug 29th '10
Quoting Jillian.:
MamaCass{+JOE} Due April 13; TTC since May 2015; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Pennsylvania 42363 posts
Aug 29th '10

Eek. I just googled them, and the ones I found are kind of expensive ($50-60).

Luckily, this baby I'm having is a boy, so I will teach Julia the difference that way. But those dolls are a really good idea!

Caddy ÷ nwark, NJ, United States 9335 posts
Aug 29th '10

Hm, I thought this was a good idea... and I kind of want to get my son a baby doll!

This is all I could find on though
Says he's anatomically correct..

Doesn't say it about the girl though lol