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I agree with your every word and every sentence! It's been a bitter-sweet journey to see MANY of the "not-so-new" people blatantly criticize and ridicule other young pregnant moms. It's deteriorating the point of what Baby-Gaga stands for. I looked for a website to come to for months and immediately got attached to this one... So when you see a people judging others it makes you think twice about why you came here. I will say this.... If you do NOT have the patience to answer someone's question/post because of how "unintelligent" you think it may be, please exit the page immediately. The internet has changed a lot of the ways teenagers write, especially when they don't have adults to look up as role-models, which in turns, adapts them to writing "Why is this so hard?" to "y it gotta be so hard fo". It I give a million and eight kudos to the women who are kind enough to ignore that and help the ones seeking answers to their many questions. No one has the right to judge ANYONE! :D :wink:

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I do agree that these young girls need support. And it really saddens me to see the lack of maturity, intelligence (and I am talking very basics here), and disrespect for anyone but themselves that I see in so many posts. However, unless they ask an open question, I feel that our opinions are best left to ourselves. I think that we can be honest without being rude. Honesty can sometimes come out harsh, but that's for them to take in and ponder,not us. Yes these girls need support, but they also need to open their eyes to the reality of what they are really involved in. And I do think that if you have such a problem with their spelling/grammer then maybe you should PM them instead of making a big deal on their post.
Until they get a grip on thetruereality of the situations they are in, and us mature moms can show them that (in a mature manner) then nothing will change. If us older moms can't have the opportunity to guide these young girls in answering their questions and giving them a fresh perspective on reality- then I think that you are taking out a great part of what BG's forums are here for. We may not have internet addresses for our names, but we are good resources. So while being asked to respect the younger girls, I think in return they should be asked to respect the older ones as well.

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My goodness everyting you stated in here i was trying to say ina different forum the other day and its all true thoose are the reasons we come here ( :

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I agree =]

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Well said!!

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I am a teacher in the Caribbean- Our school has 1st- 11th grade. So I hear teenagers talking everyday and let me say it's absolutly the worst thing I ever heard in my life and I wish they could understand how dumb they sound. But you need to learn when to say something and when to ignore it. Yes- trust me I would love to shove some of those girls heads in a book but it wouldn't help. Advice is only taken when it's asked for and wanted. If the girl wants to know about her dead beat boyfriend give her advice on that not her horrific spelling choices. The more you ridicule the more they will be rebellious and do it more to get on our nerves. Plus then they won't listen to the great adice we have for them.Let's remember that teenagers are "always right" and know much more then us about the "real world" [please note my sarcasm] But honestly if it bothers you that the youngins are typing likethey're Caps Lock buttonhas gone pyscotic and using pointless slang- don't read it.

Oh -us pregnant women can be fiesty can't we?

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just wanted to say thanks because you always defend us ....and i know there are some VERY immature teen parents who come on here just to argue and act immature but i have met a handful of mature girls who i talk to and share my experience and questions with and it has helped me out ALOT ...

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Thank you very much for that mara. I myself is a teenager (17)and pregnant. Personally, if older women want to critisize me for something that happened by accident, then fine. Critisize me all you want baby! I'm having a child either way, and i can careless what other people have to say or think about it. I apprieciate so much the women who are here to help, and support us (yes ill say it) stupid teens who didnt take enough precaution to protect our selves from this. It is NOT the worst thing in the world that could happen, it is actually a beautiful thing that God has blessed me with. To tell you the truth getting preggo actually saved me. Anywho, I think it's desgusting that people judge pregnant teens, yes it's not the best situation for a child bring up, but hey it will all work out. It would be alot differnt if these teens were druggies, homeless, no support, blah blah blah blah. But obviously if they are on here to get support, or help, suggestions or what ever else it is that teen mopthers are looking for, they are trying to learn.

Really all I wanted to say lol is thank you to everyone who understands, and is not judging us =)

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After watching the movie Juno (I dont know how this really relates to the thread but I'm saying it anyways!) I felt dead on when the girl said to the kid who knocked her up 'You dont have the evidence under your sweater everyday' (Or something like that.) And I think how hard it must be for a lot of girls; to feel that way.

Being 18, I do sometimes feel like people critisize me for what lays under my shirt. But being subborn and too mouthy; it doesn't get to me, because I know how it is a miracle and yadda yadda, lol. But yeah.

Support is right here if any lil'lady needs it. :]