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8th Oct '10

Warning this is very long and detailed (and I'm actually leaving out lots of info from the days before) but I'm posting since many ladies asked about it. I wrote this for me 2 days after delivery as well thus more details. I am dividing this into a couple posts so you can skip ahead to the actual delivery if you want or the pics (which I will add later on). Any questions on my VBA2C feel free to pm me :)

July 2007: My first daughter, C, was delivered via c-section with EXIT procedure (we were both put to sleep and she was half delivered, intubated, and then fully delivered) due to a condition with her neck. She was 8lbs 2oz at 38 weeks gestation and had to spend a week in the NICU.
July 2008: My son, J, was delivered via scheduled c-section at 38 weeks 2 days, weighing 8lbs 4oz, due to my doctor at the time not wanting to do VBACs with only 12 months between and because he was going on vacation the following week. The doctor also said during surgery I could have VBAC-ed after all.

I switched to my current doctor for my third baby

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8th Oct '10

Hospital Arrival to Delivery
We arrived a bit after 3:30pm at the hospital. I still felt I had hours ahead of me but was glad we were there and this trip was no longer a worry. We got checked in fairly easily and quickly though we took the wrong elevator at first. My contractions continued at about 2-3 minutes apart (not sure on length but getting longer and stronger). We had stopped using our Contraction timer app. hours before thankfully.

We got from triage to labor and delivery very quickly though I did have a couple contractions I made some louder noises through in the hallway on the way.
I was checked and was dilated 6/7. I was amazed since the baby was still really high it seemed. Also we were told my waters were bulging.

At this point I started to accept that this was the real thing. The contractions continued to get stronger. I asked my doula to post on our ICAN group forum to ask for prayers and ELVs but every time she started typing I'd have a contraction and she'd have to run back to me.

Hubby would apply pressure on my thighs and my doula would apply it to my lower back and then they'd switch occasionally. It worked out really well and I honestly couldn

babybaker 5 kids; Georgia 21174 posts
8th Oct '10

Saving for pics (I will try and add later when I have time)

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8th Oct '10

Congrats mama! :D

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8th Oct '10

congratulations, I am very happy for you! Hope everything goes well from here on, and that little Eva does well!

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8th Oct '10

Congrats!!! I know we've never talked but you really give me hope because I really want a VBAC in the future

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8th Oct '10

Wow what a story!! I'm glad you were able to have that experience and that you have so many people supporting you through it. I know if it was me my hubby would be like "get her pain medication NOW!" lol.. He actually did kind of do that while I had contractions lmao.

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8th Oct '10

Sitting here reading this with tears running down my face. I am about to head off to my first prenatel appt. I am nervous and feeling a bit discouraged right now but this is what I needed to read. It will Happen in His time! I love that. I will trust my body and trust that God has a purpose. Thank you for taking the time to write that out. It is such an encouragement for me :) God bless you and your family.

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8th Oct '10

That is so awesome!!!! I am so glad that you made it as detailed i needed to hear im not crazy for being a little scared and that I can overcome it the way you did!! I know how hard you worked for this and how bad you wanted it and i am so happy you got what you didnt the second time around!!!! Im proud of you woo hoo congrats mama

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14th Oct '10

You're my hero!!! LOL. That is ONE crazy birth story, mama. Congrats on finishing through your fears too.......i dont know what i wouldve done...maybe vomited? lol.

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14th Oct '10

Wow! This is encouraging to me. I think I'm going to really push for VBAC now.
I'm so glad you got to have this experience and I'm happy to hear she's a great baby. :)

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14th Dec '10

Wow, what a wonderfully encouraging story! I myself have the task to try to convince my new doctor to let me try a VBA2C, or find one who will when I deliver in July (or June). She automatically said I will have another c-section since I've had 2 already, which I was not happy about. I had a successful VBAC with my 2nd child, and it was so much better like you said. I was disappointed when I had to have another c-section with my 3rd, and looking back now it was probably due to being induced, causing him distress. This time I want to let it happen when it is supposed to happen. I give you many props though for doing it without medication, because I could not do that! This gives me much hope to be allowed to try for my VBA2C with this baby #4, thank you for sharing and congraulations!!

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2nd Feb '11

Loved reading your story! Thank you so much for sharing and being honest in everything. It is hard and painful, we want to give in sometimes. I am 5 weeks pregnant and will be attempting VBAC this time around, but reading your story has inspired me to get a bigger voice in the hospital and know that it is perfectly fine to decline things they want us to do. Thanks again :D

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21st Nov '11

This was a wonderful story! congrats on your vba2c, well heres my story i got pregnant when i was 14 years old 2003, i got induced at my last appt because something ab there wasent enough fluid around the baby, when i got to the hospital they hooked me up to iv and started the pitosin, i went from 0 to 5 cm i about 7 hours cant tell you exactly but im guessing seeing i was in labor for 17 hours after i hit 5cm i got worried ab the pain ahead of me and fell for the epidural. After recieving it my labor slowwweeed down so much, i think id of been better w/o it! well when i went to push the baby was not budging, they tryed forcepts n all i pushed n pushed and nothing, out of nowhere everyone started moving very fast i dont even remember the reason for the EMERGENCY c.section all i know is i was crying "no please i want to push him out nooo" all i was told was something ab the babys heart decressing as id push idk:/ but any who i was put to sleep went into surgery ALONE and didint even hold him properly after surgery i dont remember much of anything.

My second child was also born thru c.section on 08/31/10 this time it was schedueld, because thats basiclly the option my ob gave me he didint even explain vbac much just said my uteres can rupter so its a bad idea, so i went with his method and did the R.C after they deliverd the baby, i got to hold her as they wheeled me to my room after that hubby had her most of the time, i felt very left out very sore, had major headaches, had a reaction to the morphine drug givin to me and was super itchey allll over my face, this was also not a good experience.

Well here i am 22 weeks pregnant, due 03/29/12 i have been reasearching vba2c and soo many of you moms have encouraged me sooo much to do a all natural birth because i do believe i can do it i never got a chance with my 2nd and i believe with my 1st the drugs had alot to do with it, and plus i was 14 years old i am now 22 and feel i am able.