Cool things to do with photos? JuJuLove 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 1472 posts
Oct 23rd '10

Next month, my girlfriend and I will have been dating for six months :) I'd like to make her something cool involving photos of the two of us. Any ideas?

❀Sarah❀ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Cocking, EU, Europe 138102 posts
status Oct 23rd '10

Walgreens has photo collages, calenders, quilts all kinds of things, you just upload your photos and build

Kar92 New York 309 posts
Oct 23rd '10
Quoting JuJuLove:
Regina George ♡ 1 child; New York, New York 22063 posts
Oct 23rd '10

Maybe a scrapbook of the both of you?

Cute0aza0button 1 child; lol, np, Canada 16278 posts
Oct 23rd '10

For father's day I have my SO 2 b ig frames that have like 10 pictures in each. They have pictures of us, the kids, family whatever. I thought it was cute as we will actually look at them. I had 50 free prints from blacks and I spent like 30$ on frames (they have cheaper ones at walmart I was sad to find out..) is running a promo where they print and send you 50 free pictures. No shipping or anything and no obligations at all

Mrs.C+4.5 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Duncan, OK, United States 17515 posts
Oct 23rd '10
JuJuLove 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 1472 posts
Oct 23rd '10

Thanks ladies! These are all really great ideas :)