How do YOU make Top Ramen? KNZ. 3 kids; Washington 59255 posts
11th Nov '10


This food honestly deserves its own section in the food pyramid of my life. I know it's not the best for you, but :P it's like, all i eat.

BUT, i cook it, drain the water, and instead of using the seasoning, i mix in Thai peanut sauce, and sometime then stick it in a pan to 'crunch it up'a bit :P

I know some add egg, other sauces, etc.

What do YOU do to top ramen? :D

.legendTAYry. 1 child; Hawaii 41570 posts
11th Nov '10

I cook it without the sauce. Then i add a soy sauce and sugar sauce and fry a little more. then i add cooked spam.

Dutchmaster Due October 10 (boy); 2 kids; Providence, RI, United States 11269 posts
11th Nov '10

I just boil it, pour out a bunch of the water add the seasoning and pig out...

MakBeezy+3 Due August 28 (boy); 35 kids; Washington 23347 posts
11th Nov '10

Put it in a microwave safe bowl with some water. Microwave it for 6minutes, but in 1/2 of the packet of seasoning and Enjoy =)

McLovin' 2 kids; Florida 20504 posts
11th Nov '10

This is what my husband does....he cooks it on the stove top, drains the water, mixes the packet in with cheese and ham. LOL

lilmzzgreeneyez *NMOA* 21 kids; Sherwood, Arkansas 17987 posts
11th Nov '10

i just cook it, drain MOST the water, pour in seasoning and add an ice cube to cool quicker. my ex eats his with scrambled eggs and my brother caught on and does that too.

MommyToPeyton&Sydney 2 kids; Alexandria, Virginia 6391 posts
11th Nov '10

I microwave the noodles until soft and add the seasoning. i dont drain the water out either, i like it soupy

Morgan_ 1 child; Carrollton, Georgia 9893 posts
11th Nov '10
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ByeBye ladies 1 child; Eatonton, Georgia 3 posts
11th Nov '10

black pepper the season pack cheese and hot sauce only eat chicken kind though.

KNZ. 3 kids; Washington 59255 posts
11th Nov '10
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GCS 15 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2790 posts
11th Nov '10

Put the water in the microwave for 3 mins

Put ramen noodles in the hot water & microwave for another 3 mins

Drain most of the water, leaving a few tsps & add seasoning.

endless possibilities Due November 7; 6 kids; Tacoma, Washington 40890 posts
11th Nov '10

I used to love to break it all up, put it in a bag with the seasoning and eat it raw.

I don't like it anymore but I boil it and eat it like soup.

My friend got so mad at me one time because she would boil it then pour off the water and put the seasoning on it...I didn't know and I poured all the seasoning in and she was like "WTF are you doing, is that too salty now IS IT????" lol. It was our first fight...

KNZ. 3 kids; Washington 59255 posts
11th Nov '10
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EasyComeEasyGo 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Maryland 8035 posts
11th Nov '10

I throw the noodles in and then boil it in the water until it's slimy and soggy hahaha

then I drain a lot of the water and add the sauce! (chicken only!)

......................... Due November 8; 1 child; California 7184 posts
11th Nov '10

Where the hell do you get Thai peanut sauce?
I need it, because that would be soooo yummy :drooling:

ours aren't top ramen though. that's the only brand we have here.