*Mama G* 2 kids; Massachusetts 2208 posts
20th Dec '10

I just found this thread and even though it happened in 07 it is heartbreaking. When I clicked Bethany's profile and saw the pictures of her adorable little baby daughter it made me cry to think about what happened to that sweet baby :(

MamaCass{+JOE} 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Pennsylvania 42355 posts
30th Dec '10


yo gabby gabby 4 kids; Arizona 42570 posts
30th Dec '10

much much much love to you hun....I miss you so much

The Icebox {MBRD} 17 kids; New Mexico 18558 posts
30th Dec '10

You are loved and missed by all!

♥ ♥ Londonderry, United Kingdom 2 posts
8th Mar '11

This is really sad made me cry

_Marie_ Colorado 28 posts
27th Mar '11

that's awlful :( RIP BETHANY!!! And her children.. prayers!

Brock Obama 1 child; Spain 6372 posts
14th Apr '11

I had never seen this sticky.. until now.
Such tragedy. RIP momma & babies. This is the saddest story I have ever seen. I wonder how the rest of the family is doing. I hope they are doing fine. I wonder if donations are still beign made.

2princesses=mommies*dream 2 kids; Ohio 6505 posts
10th Jun '11

this is so sad :(

2princesses=mommies*dream 2 kids; Ohio 6505 posts
10th Jun '11

OMG this is happened like 20 min from where I leave :(

(: Luke & Maddie's Mommy 2 kids; Pennsylvania 429 posts
13th Jun '11

I can't believe this happened! I never seen the thread until now & it breaks my heart. I can't imagine that happening to me or my friends or family, specially children & a newborn. It's terrible.

Zav'sMama815 2 kids; McKean, Pennsylvania 2368 posts
29th Jul '11

does anybody have a picture of her and her family ???

Holly Marie Read 1 child; Mississippi 346 posts
2nd Aug '11

I know this is old but I just ran across it. My dad was killed by a drunk diver when I was 3. There is NO excuse to drive while drinking. Prayers for her family!

HamHam 18 kids; India 3485 posts
2nd Aug '11
Quoting Zav'sMama815:" does anybody have a picture of her and her family ???"

This video from the OP has a slide show. I stopped watching a few minutes in...I get too emotional when I think about these kinds of tragedies. What an awful loss.

Tammy Toney Stephens Due October 16; 4 kids; Florida 345 posts
7th Aug '11

This is terrible!!!!

Landy's Mama <3 1 child; Ashland, Kentucky 1401 posts
27th Aug '11

God bless them all. Such a tragedy. I know what it's like to lose a family member to a drunk driver. RIP