♥speechless 3 kids; North Battleford, Saskatchewan 3571 posts
31st Dec '07

This is my post about RavenBethany, her precious family, they are people I have never met. But like all of you might feel anyone on Baby-Gaga is in a sense family to me. We lose someone, a baby, have a miscarriage, you feel it. You feel what it is like to be that family that was torn away from your loved one. There is a lot of happiness, and a lot of tragedy. I never imagined reading something so horrific, and scary, and heartbreaking. I wrote this poem, and a little note at the bottom

Nico & Ava's Mommy 18 kids; Maryland 2856 posts
31st Dec '07

Bethany- Although I did not know you in person, I was a total fan of your quick wit and intelligence. I was almost always in agreement with what you had to say, especially in D&D that when the new site went up you were the first and only person I parentanked. It was such a shock to find out about this and I am praying for you and your family. I know that you are in a better place, and are there to take care of your babies, but it is still hard to understand. I hope this tragedy starts to make sense, and if it doesnt, I know that you are looking down and smiling over all of us. Rest In peace. ~Your fellow MD'er, Kelly

Mama❀Krista TTC since Apr 2009; 1 child; Fountain, Colorado 1223 posts
31st Dec '07

Rest in Peace, Bethany.. you will be missed...
im so sorry you and your children left us so soon

i remember we were pregnant together for a while... and i remember those mirror shots of your perfect belly :(

Heather[AJB]+1 DIVA 4 kids; Kingsport, Tennessee 9612 posts
31st Dec '07

We love you and miss you Bethany.
Rest in Peace.

gone.......... 1 child; Saskatchewan 25270 posts
31st Dec '07

you will be so missed here. i wish i had spent more time talking to you. i always felt that you were the mom to go to on here... with seven kids, you knew your stuff. you could tell that they were the light of your life. you and your babies are together in heaven now. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
with love

Made In Italy ♥ 34 kids; Windsor, Ontario 17625 posts
31st Dec '07

I never really talked to you on here but . .
wow, it's hard to believe you are gone . I remember always seeing your posts around BG, you were so intelligent & beautiful . Your family was also very beautiful . I'm so sorry that you had to go & had to take some of your children with you .
Rest in peace Bethany .
You will always be loved & missed .

*Vani* Due May 16; 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 29467 posts
1st Jan '08

I hope you are happy with your family in a better place watching over everyone.....I hope for nothing but a speedy recovery for t

*WishingUponAStar* 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Lawton, Oklahoma 18442 posts
1st Jan '08

I didnt talk to you that much but I remember reading your post. I cant believe what has happened. You and your babies were taking too soon and still had soo much life ahead of you! I know you are in a happier place right now though and you have 4 of your babies with you. I am praying for your husband and other children. I know they must make it through bc God didnt take them with you, but it will be a long tough road for them I am sure, my heart foes out to them. RIP all you angels!!! I will always remember you!

Mrs.Husted 18 kids; Edwards, California 11983 posts
1st Jan '08

I know that I didn't know anywhere other than online, but I pray that peace comes to your family. I know you are in heaven smiling down on all of this, and I hope that you can rest in peace.

user banned 1 child; Boston, Massachusetts 30985 posts
1st Jan '08

such a tragedy. makes you really stop and look at whats important. i wish her husband and remaining children a speedy recovery. i cant even begin to imagine what they are feeling right now. :cry: God Bless Bethany & Family.

elastic vagina 18 kids; Croatia 9480 posts
1st Jan '08

i remember her posts in D&D.........i always liked reading them

she always had wonderful advice, and kind words for everyone .........

she and her little ones will always live in our thoughts............and will truly be missed

mari88_01 2 kids; Tucson, Arizona 3884 posts
1st Jan '08

I've been thinking about her posts that i remember reading.

One was her saying danny was going to get a vestectomy and that this was their first baby.. I asked her why dont you want vadie to have brothers and sisters?

Lol then she told me about their blended family.. She was always very kind even if she was telling you where to go..

Lizard Queen 3 kids; Delaware 3556 posts
1st Jan '08

It all just really angers me. It's always the drunk driver that comes out of the accidents literally uninjured but the other party is either taken or broken. It's just not fair.
I will sincerely miss her quick wit in D&D, She always had a comeback for the stupid, poorly thought out comments in there. I'm sorry this happened to you and your family, Bethany!! :cry::cry:

Hipster 1 child; Lithuania 42435 posts
1st Jan '08

Bethany, you were always a pleasure to chat with and you were always so willing to share you experiences with the less-experienced. I appreciate all the bfing advice and encouragementyou gave me.
I also loved chatting with a fellow B-more fan. Your disdain for Peyton Manning and the Colts gave me the warm fuzzies inside. (We both know they're traitors!)
But seriously, it breaks my heart that your life and the lives of four of you children were cut so short by a careless jerk. It takes an amazingly strong woman to have a "blended family" and claim them all as her own. Your children were very lucky to have you as a mother for the time that they did. I know (as well as anyone who chatted with you) that you would have done anything for those children.
I enjoyed your positivity and warmth that you and Vadie spread throughout the boards. My you rest in peace with your lovely angels. You will be desperately missed on BG as well as IRL. Luff you, Bethany!

Kailyn's Mama 20 kids; Rochester, New York 19490 posts
1st Jan '08

I've been in tears and saddened since I saw the news this morning. I always felt close to Bethany in a way since she lived not too far from me (when I first joined). She had so much experiences and knowledge and whit that always contributed so much to any discussion. Although we didnt always see eye-to-eye I always had respect for her opinions. I remember when she joined B-G and she became more and more involved with us all everyday. Its so tough to think about her and Vadie - I mean, we all were such a part of her pregnancy and Vadie's too-short life. Every single thing that happens today makes me sad - because I know she can no longer experience these things - and it puts into perspective how luck we all are for the littlest of things. This just affirms that life isnt fair. That a drunk driver ruined a whole family (including many B-G families). Was it worth the liquor? Was he in such a hurry that he couldnt wait for a ride? I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason - but, I cant for the life of me figure this one out. I pray to God that the killer is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope that the courts will allow Victim Impact Statements, and I hope every B-G members comments can be represented. When he has fulfilled his court-impmosed punnishment I hope he lives the rest of his life remembering how his selfish actions took 5 innocent lives. Lives full of potential that will never have a chance. Lives full of dreams that will never come true. Lives that mean so much more than he will ever be able to comprehend.

I know that it will take a lot of time for me to get over hearing this news. And I'll never be able to forget the sadness and horror I felt when I read the news story and saw the pictures. I pray with all the prayers I have that Bethany, Vadie, Jordan, Lacie and Haley rest in peace; and that her husband and surviving children will have a safe and speedy recovery. I have lost a parent - its an awful thing that no one should have to go through. I pray that the memory of their mother and siblings will always be kept alive and that they will be successful in all that they do.

I know this is long, I am sorry for that. And I cant promise that I have said all I need to. This is just such a tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone who is effected.

It makes me sad that I'll never see a post made by RavenBethany again.

God bless.

Meg & Kailyn