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1st Jan '12

I never talked to Bethany (she died before I joined), but I am so sorry.

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15th Jan '12

It broke my heart when I read this I hate drunk drivers is that fair what happen to her and her beautiful babies

Stop drinking and driving

I'm in tears rest in paradise Bethany and her beautiful babies ♥

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21st Jan '12

I was looking through my myspace and found something i posted.

Jan 1, 2008
Griffin family! Here is what happen to one of the most beautiful families!

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Here's the story
TOLEDO, Ohio -- An Adrian man has been charged with five counts of aggravated vehicular homicide after the pickup truck he was driving collided with a minivan on Interstate 280 in Toledo killing a mother and four children inside.
It's believed the family in the minivan was headed home to Maryland after spending Christmas in southeast Michigan.
Several people called 911.

"It happened so fast. You really couldn't tell what was going on until it was too late," said one witness at the scene.

Bits of gift wrap and toys were strewn about the highway, suggesting the minivan was carrying a family heading home from the holidays, Santiago said.

Both drivers tried to avoid each other, but the crash ripped a side door off the minivan, scattering stuffed animals, luggage and baby blankets.

"It was among the worst I've seen," he said of the crash scene.

Bethany Griffin, 36, Jordan Griffin, 10, and Vadi Griffin, 8-week-old, all of Parkville, Md., were killed in the crash along with Lacie Burkman, 7, and Haley Burkman, 10, both of Redford, Mich., according to the Lucas County Coroner's office.

A man and two other children from the minivan were taken to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, Santiago said.

Danny Griffin, Jr., 36, of Parkville, Md., was listed in serious condition; Sidney Griffin, 8, also of Parkville, was in critical condition; and Beu Burkman, 8, was being evaluated but no condition was available, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The driver of the truck, Michael Gagnon, 24, of Adrian, was taken to a hospital, but his injuries did not appear to be as serious, Santiago said.

Police said Gagnon had a blood alcohol level of 0.254, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Police said Gagnon had been drinking in a bar in Oregon, left the bar, and then bought food at a Taco Bell.

The restaurant notified police that an intoxicated driver was at their restaurant. By the time police arrived, Gagnon had driven the pickup onto I-280, officers said. Samuel Gagnon, Michael Gagnon's brother, told The (Baltimore) Sun that he, his brother and their cousins were drinking at a hotel.

Their sister was supposed to drive them home, but Gagnon said his brother took off in the truck without telling anyone.

"I don't know why he decided to leave," Samuel Gagnon told the newspaper. "Everyone's in shock. We're supposed to be celebrating the New Year, but now I got to look forward to my brother in jail the rest of his life."

PLEASE, please have The Griffins in your prayers, they need them...>

You guys more than likely do not care about this cause this kind of stuff happens all the time. But it hits home for me because I knew of her. She was apart of our community on baby-gaga. She will be forever missed by all of the baby-gagers!May her and her angels rest in peace.

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29th Jan '12

I miss you love. Now that we're having another one, all I keep thinking about is when were were pregnant and all the fun we had together. I wish you were here for me to share this with.

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31st Jan '12

Thought about you when the Texans played the Ravens. I was actually kind of happy we lost....because I knew it would've made you super happy.

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12th Feb '12

I always think of Bethany when the Ravens play..

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14th Feb '12
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17th Feb '12

Really nice..I am also new to this site.So not able to understand..

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21st Feb '12

I am new to this and i was read all the comment on here.. i can not beleive it.. it is so sad my prayers and thought go out to the family still it has to be so srry for her familys lost.. i hope thing will come together for them. GOD BE WITH HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS...<3

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26th Feb '12

I personally never knew Bethany(I joined after she passed) but I am terribly sorry for those who felt the loss of this wonderful woman and her kids! I cried watching the video that was linked in the OP about everything that had happened. I truly hope her family and the surviving children have been able to find peace and heal! I couldn't imagine this happening. She seemed like a truly wonderful woman especially for her to have so many mourn the loss of her! I hope all of you mamas who felt the loss have found a way to heal. Her memory will continue to be carried out by you mamas on here who knew her and those she knew in real life.
RIP Bethany & her Family!
Gone but NEVER forgotten.

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13th Mar '12

All I can say is that my heart breaks for them. I just joined and was just looking around to find this.


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1st Apr '12

My heart goes to this family... Its got to be hard to lose a mother and not just one child but 4. Just for someones reckless decisions. I pray that this family has found some happiness in each other and know that people around the world care for them and send there love and prayers. For the person who took there lives I hope lives the rest of his life knowing the pain that he caused... God is with them now!!

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13th Apr '12

Miss you forever.

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17th Apr '12

I didn't know Bethany but I am so sorry to all of you for the loss of your friend and her babies. I lost my uncle to a drunk driver 13 years ago and it's still hard to deal with.

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1st May '12

Dear Bethany,

I'm reading your thread again,it's been several years since you and your babies were taken but I still cry. Very few deaths ' have touched me like this.You were dearly loved by many.Women who had never heard your voice have wept for you and your family and still do.

It's been years but rest assured,you and your family are not forgotten.We pray for your husband ,surviving sons and all of your family.
You and your children are still part of your our BG family.
May you all rest in peace.