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facebook??? whats with all?? supermari Due March 18 (boy); 2 kids; Dallas, TX, United States 15186 posts
Jan 9th '11

no this isnt another is facebook shutting down post (thank God) lol i just want to know if you have a facebook or not (i thought everyone did but apparently not ,lol you know who you are) i want to know if you still use myspace aswell or use one more than the other..

***KT*** 3 kids; Iowa 12552 posts
Jan 9th '11
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☠HungarianBarbarian 1 child; Tampa, Florida 1409 posts
Jan 9th '11
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.Solange. 1 child; Montreal, 5566 posts
Jan 9th '11

I just opened myself a facebook a couple weeks ago. It's okay when i'm bored

enoel13 3 kids; somewhere hot in, AL, United States 7696 posts
Jan 9th '11

MySpace is just not what it was 5 years ago lol.
I didn't like Facebook for a long time. Didn't start using it til summer of '09. I'm on it way too much now.

Jessie + 2 ♥ 2 kids; River Grove, Illinois 13189 posts
Jan 9th '11

I have a myspace, but I never sign on.

I only use Facebook.

LexusNexus 2G1B 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Yigo, Gu, Guam 13403 posts
Jan 9th '11

I use facebook.Deleted my myspace forever ago

Hayden and Carter's Mommy 2 kids; Pinellas Park, Florida 3822 posts
Jan 9th '11
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user banned 2 kids; Washington 17453 posts
Jan 9th '11

I still check my myspace every now and then but no one ever gets on there anymore. I just can't make myself delete it because I've had it for so long and I still love going on there to listen to music and stuff.

I'm addicted to Facebook, though. I had to take the notifications off my phone, lol.

milf and c00kies ツ 33 kids; San Clemente, California 24501 posts
Jan 9th '11

I have a facebook and myspace.
I only have my myspace cause I'm too lazy to save the photos I have on there.

☠Jenniefahhh 1 child; Djibouti 70800 posts
Jan 9th '11

What's myspace?

Layla's Momma ♥ 17 kids; California 4457 posts
Jan 9th '11

I deleted my myspace about a year ago. I have a Facebook and I love it.

supermari Due March 18 (boy); 2 kids; Dallas, TX, United States 15186 posts
Jan 9th '11

i hate myspace now because it seems like it has more features like facebook? anyone agree?? i liked how the old myspace was. now i rarely get on myspace. you ladies are right. lol facebook is the shitz now (lol good shit not bad one)

user banned United Kingdom 3633 posts
Jan 9th '11

I have Myspace & Facebook.

Myspace is WAY too slow and copied FB.

and then FB copied mypace by getting top friends :lol:

JΔ$ 2 kids; Georgia 85477 posts
status Jan 9th '11

I have a facebook but the only reason I do have it is because it makes it easier to keep in contact with close friends and family. Don't have a myspace though...myspace is more for teenagers or people who are truly trying to network.