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Teething and won't eat! Fitness Barbie TTC since Oct 2013; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Greenwood, Indiana 1051 posts
status 15th Jan '11

My 14 month old is teething and bad! She is getting 4 big teeth all at once, and she is quite cranky and irritated. And she won't eat basically anything! She ate half of my poptart today, and a few yogurt bites, and she won't drink very much, she wants nothing to do with milk, but i was able to get her to drink some of a pediasure which her doctor had told me to give her on days she won't eat much, but the girl cant be getting all the nutrients she needs from pediasure everyday can she?! I am just worried about her not getting enough nutrients...what do you guys think? TIA mamas

boys boys boys 4 kids; Ontario 577 posts
15th Jan '11

I think as long as she's drinking enough I wouldn't be too worried. Our youngest just cut ALL his teeth in the past 2 months and had days where he would barely eat. We still put food in front of him and let him choose what he wanted at snack time. You really can't make a kid eat if they don't want to or feel like it. I'd say if she becomes lethargic then you might have more to worry to about. Before you know it she'll be eating like a horse in the next couple days.

Mamanista. Due September 30 (boy); 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 20962 posts
15th Jan '11

She will be fine. When my son was teething, some days he hardly ate and then other days it seemed like he was making up for the days that he didn't eat. He still does that now, he's getting his 2 year old molars.

Mommy to Boys! 4 kids; Ohio 6057 posts
15th Jan '11

My boys never ate when they were teething. I use to get worried about it but my Doc said they would be ok. My son just cut his 2 year molars and didnt eat regularly for like an entire week or so. I think it bother me and the DH more then it bothers him. He pretty much went on a milk diet.

Fitness Barbie TTC since Oct 2013; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Greenwood, Indiana 1051 posts
status 15th Jan '11

ok yeah I was just worried, but yeah we keep giving her food and letting her choose to eat or not, I will be happy when these teeth are in tho lol!

ooooooooooooo New Jersey 450 posts
15th Jan '11

Austin is the same way. He will only eat cold stuff and drink juice when he is teething. Dont worry its normal. My pedi said if he is hungry he will eat.