HIDA scan/gallbladder. Danu ♥ 3 2 kids; Phx, Az, United States 6360 posts
19th Jan '11

Last gallbladder post (maybe)

Long story short

- 08' pains started
- aug '10 saw doctor, got an ultrasound on my GB with blood work. Came back normal.
- since then pains were coming back plus discomfort (sp?)
- today doctor wants to do a HIDA scan.

I've looked up what a HIDA scan does and so on but a couple questions.

My cousin said she felt sick (stomach sick) after they have her the IV. Did you?

How long did it take?
Can you move at all?

(stupid question) what if you have to go to the bathroom? (hah)

any info would be nice really.