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Difference between bloating and showing? ~*Kelz*~ {28 weeks} Due October 23; 1 child; Ashland, Kentucky 2237 posts
27th Jan '11

Im only 7wks5days preg. but i wanna know when i will be able to tell the difference between bloating and showing?

Riley+3 Due June 5; 18 kids; Washington 638 posts
27th Jan '11

I wasn't doing either at 7weeks.

Depends on the person.

user banned 1 child; , 52185 posts
27th Jan '11

When your uterus isn't behind your pelvic bone any more. Around 12 weeks it will pop up, and once your baby gets a bit bigger, you'll be showing

Mrs. d**k + 6 (30+) 6 kids; 1 angel baby; Indianapolis, IN, United States 8985 posts
27th Jan '11

sounds like bloat...

♥Alicia&Kyler♥ 1 child; Washington 6258 posts
27th Jan '11

i didnt SHOW until i was around 27weeks.

Done with Drama 2 kids; California 8183 posts
27th Jan '11

Yea, I was around 18-20 weeks when I woke up one morning and I had a belly.

8/18/11 Alabama 627 posts
27th Jan '11

i am twelve weeks today, and mainly bloated! but just above my pelvic area i can see/feel a specific little bump that is harder than the rest of my tummy! i am hoping that the bloat goes away soon, otherwise i am just going to transition from bloat to bump! haha :] BUT, if you think about it the bloat is due to being pregnant, so it can count as a preggo belly bump ;]

*SoldierMommy* 3 kids; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 6826 posts
27th Jan '11

Bloating looks pudgy and showing is rounded, lol. I couldn't stand it! Get a belly band, that way it smooths your tummy out so you can relax and let it out, lol.

~Nimlorel~ 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Edmonton, Alberta 4819 posts
27th Jan '11

I still only look like I'm pregnant if I'm bloated. I'll be 18 weeks on Saturday.