test tweaking? ♥ Momma Britt + 2 ♥ 2 kids; British Columbia 2628 posts
Feb 1st '11

How do you tweak pregnancy tests to see if its a positive or not? I've always wondered! & I want to learn!



Ellie. 2 kids; Arizona 25439 posts
Feb 1st '11

you put the pic into an image editing program (gimp, etc) and play with the contrast, curves, or invert it. :)

nooch 1 child; Clarksville, Tennessee 1862 posts
Feb 1st '11

i just put it in paint and invert it

~Lindsey~ Alabama 0 posts
Feb 1st '11

on you can invert it and decorate it same thing with

blessed with girls x5 Due September 12; 5 kids; Wisconsin 6343 posts
Feb 1st '11

I load it on and them go to effects and choose gritty, and then adjust the contrast and lighting. That almost always bring out a line if there is one to be seen. Sometimes I invert it too.