Allergic reaction to Always pads.?! THiNK PiNK TTC#2 1 child; Georgia 793 posts
7th Mar '11

Okay so I recently went to the ER for food poisoning, & to make long story short they used the jelly for ultrasound to make sure it wasn't anything else. So a day or two afterwards...I'm itching like crazy, burning, swelling and getting these small hive like bumps on my vagina (0_0). I've been thinking maybe I was having an allergic reaction to the jelly, but i've used it numerous times no. But I noticed I haven't been using Always since i've had my period after my pregnancy (I used Always before my pregnancy too & same thing happens almost all the time)...i've been using cotton pads like Kotex. Anybody else experience this with Always brand or any other brand of pad.? Its either I'm having an allergic reaction or something else is going on..? I've been thinking about switching to maybe a menstrual cup or cloth pad...? Anybody using any of those...I don't like using tampons unless I'm going out (makes me cramps worse).

Caiden & Kynsleigh's Mama 18 kids; Oklahoma 4708 posts
7th Mar '11

I can't use them. They make me itch like crazy too.

Fallout-|- Birth Doula 19 kids; Alaska 147 posts
7th Mar '11

I don't use them, but your reaction could be similar to the reaction some babies have to disposable diapers. There's all sorts of chemicals and byproducts in diapers and pads. They may not have affected you previously, but repeated and prolonged exposure can make you develop an allergy.

RadioactiveCat Due November 8 (boy); 1 child; Roanoke, VA, United States 22803 posts
status 7th Mar '11

They changed something in them and it burns me now too. I switched to kotex.