Lindsey LaRae Due April 25 (girl); Ventura, California 4 posts
17th Mar '11
Quoting mooshell-PSM:" Congrats... My son is going on 14 months, but if ever you need to talk about fears/concerns/questions, ... [snip!] ... I'm always available. :) I was young when I had my son. My sister was 19 when she had her daughter."

Thank you soo much.. i wish i would of talked to you a few months ago lol.. i always am getting scared about my belly size.. but im getting fat everywhere else lol.. but thank you again that means alot

Michelle Slutter Due April 25; Pennsylvania 1 posts
17th Mar '11

i am due on april 26th with my third child and this time its a boy , im so excited!

MoMmYoFtHrEeIn2008 Due April 28 (girl); 3 kids; Nevada 438 posts
18th Mar '11

Im due April 29th with a lil girl :lol:

Proud /mommy of 2 2 kids; Ohio 22 posts
20th Mar '11

i am due april 24 with a little girl! :D i have been on bedrest for 6 weeks and 1 more week left of bedrest! yay me! i almost had her at 29 weeks my contractions were 2 minutes apart! luckily we were able to stop the contractions. this is my second, i have a little almost 3 year old boy.

danielle268401 Due April 24; California 1 posts
21st Mar '11

im pregnant with my thrid child and im due april 25th and i kno its not that far away but it doesnt seem like its comin soon nervous and excited at the same time even though i have been through the labor twice im jus not ready to go through it again but in the end it will all be worth it my lil bundle of joy will be here

Nataliebump Due April 25 (boy); United Kingdom 3 posts
22nd Mar '11

Hi Im Due On The Same Day The 26th Of April :D WhatAre You Having ? Am Having A Lilttle Boy Xx

Jaz Monique North Carolina 1 posts
22nd Mar '11

im due april first child and its a BOY!!!:lol:

Sophia Henry Due April 25; United Kingdom 10 posts
23rd Mar '11

Im due the 26th of April although they believe she may come early due to a few complications. Im having a lil girl :shock:

Cassandra Mcqueen Due April 27 (girl); 3 kids; Nevada 2 posts
25th Mar '11

Im due on April 28th! Thats MY birthday too!!! Im soooo ready to have her sooooon!

MoMmYoFtHrEeIn2008 Due April 28 (girl); 3 kids; Nevada 438 posts
4th Apr '11

I'm due April 29th with a lil girl =0)

Amy Louise93 Due April 25 (girl); Birmingham, United Kingdom 2 posts
19th Jan '13
Quoting Lindsey LaRae:" I'm New too this.. i would like too find a duedate buddie"

heya im due the 26th im having a girl x